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The Bachelorette (may contain spoilers)

Is anyone else watching this season?  If so, what do you think so far?  Do you have a favorite?  Is Andi what you thought she'd be like as the bachelorette?

This is the first season where I haven't looked online for spoilers which is killing me but I'm going to hold out.

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Re: The Bachelorette (may contain spoilers)

  • I watched the first couple episodes then lost interest

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  • I haven't watched last night's yet- but I really wonder how long she is going to keep Spencer Pratt around!

    I don't have any real favorites- I can usually pick out a guy/girl or two that I actually think would be a good fit for the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but not this year. I am not sure why.


    After 2 years of TTC, lots of tests, and a Hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy to remove several polyps,
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  • I dvr it every week and then fast forward through.

    Mr and I thought for the first two episodes Josh looked exactly like Aaron Murray. Then I looked him up and realized it was his brother!

    I'm not overwhelmed with the options this year, either.
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  • jt305jt305 member
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    I just watched it tonight.  I hate that she kept Spencer Pratt (how have I not made this connection before @zamboni00) around for another week.  What surprises me about her is that she falls for his smooth talking BS.  I thought she was smarter than that, especially after Juan.    

    Marcus is a new favorite for me.  He is good looking and seems very sweet.  Josh and Andi have great chemistry, but something there just seems he's too good to be true.  I like Chris, but I don't see Andi moving to Iowa. 

    Although I am clearly watching, I am a little bored by this season.  Even their dates are boring.  I think next season will be a brand new bachelor.   

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    BFP: 1/14; spontaneous m/c at 6w
  • Andi bores this shit out of me.  She is nice and pretty and all, but soooo boring.

    I think it will come down to Nick and Marcus.  Good vs Evil. That old story.

    If Chris would be willing to move to the city and give up farming, then maybe that could work.

    Josh is nothing more than a pretty face with a lot of confidence.

    The other two dudes that she cut this week were overdue to move along.  This season is sooo predictable.

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  • Totally agreed on Andi being pretty boring. @lindsayandjaime   I haven't been  a fan of our bachelorettes this or last season.  I want to see someone new.  Someone who wasn't just in love less than a year ago on the show prior. 

    WIth the guys, I think she is going to end up with Josh and Nick as her last two.  She seems into them.  Josh, I don't think he is being real exactly.  I don't know,.  Could be way wrong.  Lol  Nick seems to give her what she needs to hear.  Marcus, he is way handsome and seems like an all around good choice. But I see her with those other two.  We will see... 

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