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Separating dirty laundry

How do you separate your dirty laundry? MIL must think I'm crazy because she only does whites, colors, and towels. I do whites, colors, dark colors, towels, work uniforms (scrubs...yuck!), and jeans. Yikes! That's a lot of baskets. Maybe I am crazy???

Re: Separating dirty laundry

  • The only time I separate laundry is if the clothing items are new, or if I know that they bleed. My jeans will always get washed with dark items because they are a dark wash that still bleeds, and my husband's dress shirts are a load of their own. Everything else gets mixed together and washed at the same time. I wash everything with cold water and the same laundry detergent and can't use softener, so it doesn't matter to me if things are separated. It also helps me to wash as much as possible in one load instead of multiple ones - saves water, money, and time. 
  • I was always warned to wash towels separately because of the heavy amount of lint and the longer drying time.
  • I usually do darks and lights/towels. If towels are darker colored I wash them with things I don't mind getting lint on, like jeans since usually they don't attract lint. Or, I separate all towels and do a separate load.
  • KTdiditKTdidit member
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    I do towels, DHs work clothes, whites, and colors. 
  • I usually just do colors and whites. I used to separate my uniform before because I used to work at a restaurant and my uniforms got greasy but now no.
  •  I do DHs work clothes (they are covered in nasty stuff from work), whites/lights, towels/sheets, colors. I sometimes was underwear, socks, and bras in a load with towels, if I don't have enough towels.

    I usually do a bulk of our laundry every two weeks, and wash DHs work clothes, and towels/dish rags every week. I hate running half full loads, so if I can get by with waiting another week I do.
    My blog, The Laundry Room.
  • We thankfully haven't had issues with clothes bleeding. So usually it separates into towels, whites, non work clothes and work clothes. Since DH and I work with chemicals, I have to clean those separately otherwise our nicer stuff winds up getting holes/stains.
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