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Do B Vitamins Alone Help Stop Hair Loss?

I would be pullng my hair out trying to understand vitamins role in hair regrowth, if I had enough hair. I have been researching ideas to stop my hair loss and get it to grow a little more, but I am curious what works for some of you.

I read on an article on LiveStrong, where they talk about vitamin B6 being effective in hair regrowth in several studies. They allude to the idea that B6 reduces the amount of DHT in the blood and therefore stops damage to hair follicles and can even help them reactivate. Here's where I get a touch confused.

I know I could go to a vitamin store and get just B6, but is that all I need. I was looking at this product on Amazon,, and it seems to indicate it is better to have a balance of vitamins and minerals to balance the effects and give the body all the building blocks necessary.

I am slowly going through their list of ingredients seeing what I can find online and so far it seems to make some sense. The first two I have checked are B vitamins and saw palmetto which all are mentioned on medical websites of being studied for hair loss treatment.

Do any of you use B vitamins supplements as part of your attempt to stop hair loss? Is it effective? 

My doctor has suggested Rogaine, Propecia, or crewcuts. I dislike taking unnecessary medications, but do not mind taking dietary supplements. My chiropractor, a naturalist, suggested an entire bag full of herbal supplements. Several of those are ingredients in that Amazon product, so maybe it is on the right track. The doctor never mentioned vitamins as a possible culprit, but he rarely mentions anything simple unless it is diet and exercise.

Let me know you opinions on B vitamins.

Re: Do B Vitamins Alone Help Stop Hair Loss?

  • I'm not sure if vitamin B alone will help stop hair loss but I think it depends more on the reason for your hair loss. I've heard that a lack in vitamin D will also cause hair loss. I take Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails, and Skin supplement. It doesn't say that it will stop hair loss but it does provide the vitamins that will supposedly help you grow strong hair which includes vitamin B. 

  • I actually just went to the doctor about recent hair loss and he suggested calcium, vitamin d, and biotin.  I'm also using Biota botanicals shampoo and serum.  It's a little pricey, but I've definitely noticed less hair loss in the shower since I started using it!  I will have to wait and see if I have any new growth in a few months, but it has made my hair feel more voluminous.  Good luck to us both!  :-)
  • Try Hair Finity! 
    photo Isbell-232_zpsdaf64dd5.jpg
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