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Staying Healthy After the Wedding

Hi everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster here.  :)  

Quick intro... I've been happily married to my husband for about 5 1/2 years.  Both of us are naturally tall and thin, but after our wedding, we sort of let the pounds gradually pack on.  After finally noticing this in pictures, we both had this "What the heck happened?!" moment and decided it was time to slim down and get healthy again - not just for appearance's sake (although that was a definite plus as well), but because we felt OLD.  We are a relatively young couple with two young kids and we just didn't have the energy to run after them all day.  No 20-something should feel that sluggish!  

About a year ago is when we finally got serious about our diets and started eating clean.  Now, a year later, we've lost a combined 70 pounds and feel great!  Looking back, I can't even remember why it took us so long to get here.

I guess I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else.  It seems like such an obvious goal (to maintain good health, an attractive physique and feel energetic), but why do newlyweds so often let that fall by the wayside after marriage?  Is it that we don't care about impressing our partners anymore?  Did we get too busy?  And, if you're in the thick of that problem right now, what is holding you back from making the change?  Money?  Time?  Lack of energy?  Or do we simply not notice this change happening at all until it's gotten out of hand?

Where does our motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle go?  We all know the benefits of it, but it just doesn't seem like that's enough to drive us.  

Re: Staying Healthy After the Wedding

  • wow congrats!!!  I got my husband a personal trainer about 3 months before our wedding becausehe was a little weight and I'm terrified of him getting diabetes.  He used to go twice a week and now a year later he goes 3x a week!  I just go to classes at the YMCA, usually zumba or yoga.  I think the hardest thing is time! and it's easier to yummy food.  I'm trying to not let us fall to the wayside about our fitness!!!  
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