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Is anyone here anymore?

Today's been a kind of crap day and so I'm just lurking around.

Is anyone here? How are things going? Why do you think this board stays so quiet? 

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Re: Is anyone here anymore?

  • I don't think anyone is here anymore. It's been so silent. I think no one posts b/c no one else does and it just starts a cycle of nothingness.

    I have been pretty good. How are you?

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  • Aw, that's sad. I'm a SAHW right now while we try to figure things out job wise. It's pretty nice because I've finally caught up on most of my missed sleep. It gets a little boring though, being at home. I need more friends lol.

    Im now attempting to de-weed our backyard/hill which is loads of fun, but I really want to plant something on the hill that will be pretty, spread out and keep weeds off for the most part. 

    Aside from that, DH and I are coming up on our 2yr and we're going to Orlando to celebrate. We're both really looking forward to the trip and hoping it'll be a lot of fun.


    How about yourself?

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  • I lurk, but it's rare I see a post worth responding too. I think most of the old regulars have either moved on to the Bump or left the boards all together in favor of Twitter.

    I hope everyone is well! We're leaving for winter vacay tomorrow! We're headed to Lake Placid, NY. So excited!

  • I think a lot of people went to thebump :(  I lurk occasionally.

    TTC since November 2009.

    Currently licensed foster parents with the hope of adopting!

    Currently loving our first placement:

  • Sweet!!! I bet that trip will be a lot of fun!! We can't wait for ours :)


    I understand the lurking. I do it too, but I get bored and figured I'd see who is around. I wont be moving to the Bump for a while. 

    Maybe we can liven this place back up :)

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  • This board is so dead :(

    I posted here several times when we moved to NC and usually only got 1 or 2 responses.

    Maybe it will liven up again? 

  • Welcome to NC! When did you move here / what area?

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  • I check in once in awhile. I hope everyone is doing well.
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  • This is laud. I pop on here now & then to see who's left, but you're right; it's always dead Sad
  • Hey Laud! How are things going for ya?
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  • They're going great! I've got a little more than two years until I get an MS in Systems Engineering. And due to a very unexpected financial windfall, my house is now paid off, I paid off the debt of the two people closest to me, & I'll be completely debt-free by the end of the year. I've never been happier about life than I've been over the past year.

    How are things with you?

  • Holy cow that's awesome!!

    Things are pretty good. I graduated in Dec and we're now trying to figure out what to do job wise. We'd like to move up north, but since DH is the breadwinner at the moment, he's got to find something first before we do anything.

     He's got a phone interview coming up soon with a company in Brooklyn with one company and then another possible interview with an Amazon group which would either put us in Seattle or Michigan. I'm crossing everything I've got that he gets something. He's current position is running him into the ground and I hate that there's not much that I can do to help, aside from sending in cookies and cupcakes to work with him. I haven't talked to anyone else about the possibilities of moving simply because I don't want to jinx it. The company in Brooklyn already asked us how quickly do we think our house would sell. I want to take that as a good sign so badly, but part of me just thinks its a routine question because we're out of state. *sigh*

    We'd love to be debt free by the time we get to be 30ish, but with school loans and such, it may be closer to 35-40 range. We'll take what we can get though. That's amazing you'll be debt free by the end of the year! That's got to be a HUGE relief! :) I'm glad things are going so wonderfully for you! I hope they continue :)

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  • congrats on the windfall, that is awesome news!
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  • Hey girls..............  :-)


    image Me Squeshia.
  • squeisha! lol, remember me? well you know me on Facebook now.  but i think it's been at least 4 years since i posted on The Nest. just lurking for a quick sec. but i'll see you around of FB  :)
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