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Planning an In-Law visit

bremattbrematt member
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  • My in laws come on weekends.  I have a really hard time with this too- we normally just sit around, but they're very anti-social so we just end up staring at each other. 

    I've attempted to plan activities, but it usually ends with them complaining a lot.  Then I get frustrated.  

    I think it's best to stay home for the most part.  I just try to stay busy cooking and such.  Go to the movies maybe?  How long are they staying?
  • bremattbrematt member
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    edited May 2014
    This sounds a lot like my In-Laws. At our wedding they wouldn't even say hello to my parents. They are planning on staying a week. I may try to run low key things like the movies across and see what they think about it. Just in case I have a few other ideas if they feel ambitious one day. I'm always a little uncomfortable because I feel like I'm not being a good host when company is sitting in front of the TV.
  • VORVOR member
    Eighth Anniversary 500 Love Its 500 Comments Name Dropper
    I agree. Plan a couple easy site seeing things to do with them but then also let them have down time. I wouldn't feel pressured to be WITH them 24/7. They like to watch tv? Let them while you all do something (work?) else.
  • Jae179Jae179 member
    That's a good idea!
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