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Wacky Wednesday

Pet peeves:

At work/school
At home
In public places
In books

Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately?
Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookstores

Re: Wacky Wednesday

  • Pet peeves:

    At work/school  When someone is in the "good" stall in the ladies room and I have to use one of the ones that have no flush power.

    At home  My husband watching TV at the "I am an old man and completely deaf" volume.

    In public places People invading my personal space by standing way to close to me in lines or whereever.

    In books  lending out my books and not getting them back.

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately?  Lily giving me eskimo kisses before I left for work this morning.

    90 books in 2015?
  • At work/school - inconsiderate noise makers (whistling, tapping/drumming, weird throat clearing, etc.)
    At home - Door slamming. I promise you if my husband slams the front or basement door one more time, I'm leaving him.
    In public places - inconsiderate people. You're not the only person in the world!
    In books - unnecessary cliffhangers ... just finish the damn book.

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? My kiddo singing her ABC's and the way she says "L M N O P" "N N N N P"
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  • Pet peeves: 
    At work/school Don't get me started today...
    At home When H brings home groceries, puts them away, then leaves the paper bags strewn about the kitchen for me to put away because he "doesn't know where they go."
    In public places Being pushed in crowded places (like the subway) by people who think they are "much busier" than I am.  Hey!  I'm trying to get off this train too!  I've got a job too!
    In books  When this happens way too many times in a book:  "Feel rather than heard..."

     Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately?  The Jimmy Fallon/Emma Stone lip syncing contest that I watched this morning.

    75 Books in 2015?

    photo OutlanderMafia.jpg  
    It's slippery as waterweed.
  • Pet peeves:
    At work/school People who don't understand that personal hygeine is personal - your desk is NOT the appropriate place to clip/clean your fingernails, etc.
     At home Getting ready to go anywhere.  It's a complete fiasco, escpecially if we have to be somewhere at a certain time (school, work, etc.)  And WHY can't you tell me you have to pee before we leave the house instead of when we're stuck in the rain in bumper-to-bumper highway traffic?
    In public places  Spitting.  God, people who spit should just be smacked in the face.
    In books Memoirs by people who abandon their responsibilities to find themselves, books that get recommended to me because they changed somebody's life.
    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? Husband painted the nursery yesterday after I bought paint about 6 months ago.  It's beautiful!!!!

  • Pet peeves:
    At work/school .  It's hard to pick just one.  Lazy people who regularly ask me to do things that are really their job.  The lame ass excuses my student workers give as to why they are late or just didn't show up for work.  People who call and are automatically total a-holes to you before you even find out why they are calling.  I've noticed this has become worse and worse lately.  Its like people nowadays think its ok to call someone and be flat out rude just to get what.  Sorry but you won't get it from me acting like that.
    At home - I hate when my husband points out tasks that need done around the house instead of just seeing it needs done and doing it.  I feel like he is implying that I should do it.  I purposefully avoid those tasks for that reason and tell him he better get on that.
    In public places I hate when people talk on their cell phones when they checking out at the store.  Get off your damn phone and finish up so the line can move. 
    In books I hate unfinished endings.
    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? My son drew me a picture that says I Love You Mommy on it and he drew a picture of a heart that had a smiley face with the caption "I love you as much as this heart is happy." 


  • I rarely lend out my books due to people not returning them. And IF I do I make it a big deal so they know I'm serious!!
  • At work: Applicants for jobs that are unfathomably rude to the HR department. The people who will be hiring them. Really?  You think that's a good idea? Also, people who email the same question to 40 different people in the organization, hoping to get a different answer, because they didn't like the answer I gave them.
    At home: This happens on a weekly basis. I cook dinner and eat dinner before others in my house. The last person to eat puts their plate in an OBVIOUSLY full dishwasher, and does not start said dishwasher. So the next day, I go to plate up dinner, and every dish in the house is dirty, and I have to hand wash crap before I can eat. How difficult is it to press "start"? 
    In Public Places: People who stop and block the exits or entrances to escalators or elevators or stairs. It's like they get to the top of an escalator, and other people are being tossed off the moving stairs right at them, but they decide that that is the exact spot the must stop to search through their purse, or figure out where they are going. 
    In Books: Funky, non-traditional punctuation. I can't hang.

    Making me smile: Knowing that I will be in Disneyland one week from today.
    Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookstores
  • At work/school : Loud scratching.  Seriously, it's such a small thing, but it's grating.  I can't stand the sound of people scratching.
    At home Dirty dishes not put in the kitchen.
    In public places Slow walking people, especially when it's crowded or in tight spaces where you can't get around them.
    In books I can't lend out books either.  Every time I do, it's months, maybe even years, before I get them back.  Last time the person had to buy me a new copy because they lost mine. 

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? Not much today, but my husband made me breakfast.  It was nice to not have to cook.
    my read shelf:
    Miranda's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
    “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
    "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
    "I don't much care where –"
    "Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  • At work/school: Students who ask me to explain an assignment to them when they obviously haven't bothered reading the entire assignment.  A) I'm not your teacher and can't tell you what your teacher meant and B) read it before you ask.
    At home: The dogs scratching on the doors.  I told Luke not to teach them that when they were puppies because they'd get so big and tear up the doors.  And of course I was right and our downstairs doors are destroyed.  And every time they scratch it annoys me again.
    In public places: Loud talkers
    In books: insta-love

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? Just had a great chat with a student about what she's been reading lately that resulted in her checking out the Delirium series.
    image image image
  • At work/school: Gung-ho new people who think they have all the answers and act like you're an idiot for not thinking of this already

    At home: The way my wood floors look dirtier an hour after I've cleaned them than they do after the dirt has formed a nice, uniform dust blanket.  It makes me just not want to bother.

    In public places: People, pretty much.

    In books: Any overused phrase, but especially if it's something "funky" that you can tell the author just thought they were SO clever to think of

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? Planning my MANY summer vacations, and always - my sweet babies

    52 Books in 2014??


    My sweet babies:

  • At work/school The bossman not listening to reason, as in when everyone else tells him he's nuts or something won't work but he insists on the follow through.  It's a pissing contest of stupidity.
    At home The way DH half cleans up, like washing the middle of the counters or wiping down the stove but not the burners.  And the way he cannot hang up stuff on the drying rack without overlapping thing, therefore they don't dry.
    In public places Oblivious people who have no idea there are other people in the world beside themselves.
    In books This mainly happens in fantasy books, but intentionally non-traditional spelling of names and places to be "fantasy-esque."  George RR Martin, I'm looking at you with your Margaery, Lysa, Arya, Tywin, Varys, Ygritte, Danaerys.  We get it, you prefer using Y instead of I!

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? My near kitty (grey kitty in avatar) who never ever sits on laps but likes to sit down next to me snuggled down on my lap for a good stretch the night before last.  I loved it!
  • booknerd226booknerd226 member
    1000 Comments 250 Love Its Third Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited April 2014
    Pet peeves:

    At work/school When people put weird colored paper/letter head in the printer and don't take it back out and then I print ten pages of legal documents on blue paper! *shakes fist*

    At home When I've emptied the dishwasher and DH puts something in the sink. Or puts dirty clothes next to but not inside of the hamper. #rage

    In public places Chewing with mouth open, talking really loudly, people on their phones while checking out, texting while driving, smoking near building doors, traffic, people blocking things in the grocery store, everything.

    In books Bad endings in a really good otherwise book. Cheating when it's done in a positive light. Authors who use the same descriptions/phrases more than once in all of their books.

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately? My nephew when we were blowing bubbles for him. :D
  • j*&p*j*&p* member
    Tenth Anniversary 5000 Comments 250 Love Its Name Dropper
    Pet peeves:

    At work/school: When I try to help a student out by doing him a special favor, but he doesn't bother to listen to or follow my directions, then freaks out at the last minute and flies off the handle and writes angry emails and copies my boss. Uggh. 
    At home: When my boys mess with my comforter or the pillows on my couch. I can deal with other messes, but if those two things are a mess, it irrationally drives me crazy
    In public places: When people talk on the phone in a public restroom. Loudly. About personal things. I'm trying to pee here, and I don't want that broadcast to your co-dependent mother. 
    In books: These make me roll my eyes: 
    "I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding."
    "The smile didn't reach his eyes."
    Grammar mistakes

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately?
    Last night Archer and I were reading a book about chicken life cycles. I told Archer something that surprised him and he responded with: "What the Angry Bird heck?!" We giggled about that for another half an hour. 
    image image
  • At work/school:  people who comment on my lunch, either nutritional analysis or the why are you eating that gross stuff comments

    At home:  that little bit of fluff the vacuum cleaner just will not pick up, no matter how many times you go over it

    In public places:  too loud music, either ambient music or people with earphones; I should be able to talk to the person next to me without shouting, and if I can hear it through your earbuds, it's too damn loud

    In books:  grammatical errors and typos

    Now, to finish on a high note, what has made you smile lately?  a silly Youtube video of a dog trying to jump on the sofa and a very nice email correspondence from a friend
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