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Wednesday Whines

I am tired of testing middle schoolers for a stupid test that doesn't even matter.

Post yours!

Re: Wednesday Whines

  • I have another one.

    I came home to a note on the door from a cop for "too many weeds" WTF? My yard looks no different than anyone elses? With an underlined "also in the alley" I am annoyed.

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    That sucks about both things. Stupid cops! We got pulled over Friday night while driving to put Abby to sleep for a tag light being out. DH told the cop quietly we had a baby sleeping in the car. The cop still blasted the flashlight inside the car waking her up. Then a couple weeks ago our realtor (representative for our landlord) told me to take down the washline because the landlord thought it looked "trashy". I was so mad. I had it up to line dry most of Abby's diapers. I guess those are old whines, but still.

  • Both of yours are lame too!

  • My whine? There are two full weeks of school and internship left. Which means four papers, three presentations, and two reports left. 

    Jared doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to sleep for a whole week once this program is done, and not do anything
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  • Those are awful! Mine is that my girls weren't cooperating last night. I am so glad that was it for my little kids. I love them dearly, but I am so over it now and ready to just get to next season when I know what I am doing with them.
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