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Craigslist ads...helppp


Re: Craigslist ads...helppp

  • Leftie22 said:
    He's military. I couldn't do that to him..unless I knew for sure 100% that he cheated and who with..then maybe. But this is just so mixed up. I had left, he thought we weren't getting back together, and I don't have rock solid proof of cheating. I know all the signs point to it..but I just couldn't get him in trouble. There's still a chance it really was just emails...and I'm not much of a vindictive person. I just want to be happy again and have peace, that's all.

    Even though you left, you think that really justifies him looking for sex right away? I mean, how long were you gone? Instead of thinking it over, feeling sad, or trying to make it up to you, he went right to looking for someone else. Doesn't that say something about how much you mean to him and how hard he's willing to work? He gave up right away and was ready to sleep with someone else.
    He could NOT keep it in his pants. What a winner he is.

    He could have waited on you for that short time until he saw where this was going.

    He's got more than a loose zipper on his hands -- he's got a lack of dependability. 

    I don't think there is anything here for you at all.
  • I agree. I'm not saying what he did was right, but I just meant I couldn't ruin his career for what he did. I won't stay with him, but I think that's reason to go to his commander or anything, IMHO. I agree with the majority of posters..he should have waited to see what was gonna happen before he tried to get some strange.

    I came to my parents house right before thanksgiving and was planning on going back right after Christmas but I found the text messages and the rest right after Christmas. He was supposed to be traveling during the holidays but it got cancelled at last minute and I was already with family by the time he found that out. Shorty after getting to my parents for thanksgiving, is when I told him we need to work on stuff because i wasn't happy. He says he thought we were over, but that's one thing I hated..there was no fight..nothing. He just rolled over and gave up, while saying he'd like to talk to someone. he's fighting for another chance a lot more, which makes it harder, but now that I've found what I found, I can't get past it.
  • I hate to keep nagging you, but have you made an appointment to get tested for STDs ?
  • Monday! Don't worry :)
  • Monday! Don't worry :)
    Good for you.
  • I wouldn't mess with his job either. It would be different if it were something that actually affected his job (drinking, drugs, etc while in duty). And hey, let's be honest, you have a child you need support for.
  • Putting the child issue to the side the real issue is you and your husband. I've noticed a lot on this site that people say divorce a while lot faster then really giving advice. I haven't been on here as much as some, and have a fairly young marriage too. 

    You two have made some very hard choices in putting your husbands Military job before your own relationship. (at least that is how I read it.) You chose to be separate and that causes problems in any relationship, so at this point would it be any different if you did actually separate in your marriage?

    As for the Zooks/CL Thing thats a big deal to me, any type of convo would bother me. Facebook, dating sites, odd text. You're married so there shouldn't be a privacy barrier, you can look not his stuff just as he can look at yours. It's pretty shady that he lied to you and I would be concerned that it would continue in the future.

    Do what you feel is right. If it were me I would probably seek some mutual ground. I think theres a lot more then just problems on his end.
  • Make a decision based on whats best for your child. You should study the effects that divorce has on children before you make any decisions. Also, theres no reason to divorce until at least 6 months of counseling together and apart. 

    I'm sorry you need to go through this hun.
    Best of luck to you both.
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