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So I come into work this morning and find an email from some high up government guy trying to build a phone list and get "after hours" phone numbers from everyone.  By the time I had arrived this morning, my dear manager had already taken the opportunity to respond back with everybody's phone numbers.  Cell numbers of course.

While I might have an unlimited plan, doesn't mean I want to get phone calls at all hours of the day from work.  Fortunately, I tend to ignore numbers I don't recognize, but so not the point. X(

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Re: Venting!

  • I would talk to your manager and tell them that you want your number changed. Or you know, you could change your cell number if you really want.
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  • That really stinks.

  • I'm more annoyed than anything else.  Hopefully it shouldn't be an issue, it's just the point of the matter.  We do have an official on-call phone, so hoping that'll get used instead if they need something.
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  • That would be so frustrating.  I know P uses his phone for on call and after hours work but they each get a phone allowance. 
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  • I'm hoping it's just due to the requirement that managers be able to reach their people in the event of an emergency (major disaster, tornado, hurricane, etc).
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  • any stipend for your phone or anything?

  • any stipend for your phone or anything?

    Nope.  Like I said, hoping it's just for an emergency contact list.  Not so much worried about the costs as I'm on an unlimited plan.  Just don't want anybody thinking I'm 24/7 reachable.
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