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This afternoon is dragging! I love my job, but I am seriously ready for the week to be over.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

I was supposed to help my mom pack tonight, but I just called to confirm and she told me not to worry about it and to come some day next week closer to her move date. I'm very happy to just go home and relax instead. Saturday DH and I were talking about going out for brunch and maybe get some errands done. We have a Groupon deal for a restaurant in town that we might check out on Saturday evening. I also have my regular volunteer shift at Ronald McDonald House and family dinner with the in-law's. Should be fairly busy, but in a fun way!


  • I worked last night and this morning.  This evening, I'm just cleaning up the house.  Tomorrow, I have a meeting from 10:30-12pm.  I think DH's parents are going to come over for dinner tomorrow.  Other than that, I have nothing.

    I'm in complete shock right now though...I just logged onto my insurance website...and It appears we're going to owe $2700 for my Laparoscopy.  I was not anticipating that much at all.  The way the lady talked at my RE office was that we'd owe about $800 total.  Nope, it's $2700.  I'm $180 away from hitting my out-of-pocket max.  I was definitely not expecting that much. :(  Well, I guess it's a good think for Insurance...that total amount billed was about $17,000.


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  • Holy crap athlete, that's insane!
  • ky29ky29 member
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    athlete - Ah!  I hate when you go into something like that assuming it'll cost a certain amount - then you find out it was totally off.  I guess on the plus side, looks like you won't have to pay for much more for your dr visits.  Unfortunately, I don't think the RE is going to count in that.  And do you feel better about counting last Monday as CD1?

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  • athlete010688athlete010688 member
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    Yes, I was shocked!  Luckily, I haven't received the bill yet, and when we do, I believe I'll be able to set up a payment plan.  Eek!  Now, we will have a payment plan for the HSG and a payment plan for the Lap.  Oh the joys!  Least they're both interest free!!

    @ky29 - I do feel better about counting last Monday as CD 1.  My temps have been on average.  So, today is CD 8.  I'm going to start doing OPKS tomorrow. 



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  • Ahh!  I  couldn't get it to edit.  Stupid  TK. I'm hoping I am actually able to turn an OPK positive!  I have my follow-up with my RE on Thursday.  Hopefully, I find out more info.  Now, I just need to start thinking of any questions i have :)


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  • Just read all this. Good luck on that OPK athlete! Fingers are crossed!

    I never imagined how much just trying to have a baby would be. It's just not right.
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