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Mother in law moved in

I took my mother in law in after her daughter dropped her at a hotel to live. I felt bad for her and tried helping her she has been in my house for 3 months I drive her everywhere she needs to go plus work full time and take care of our 2 yr old son. My husband works opposite shift as me so we don't see each other much and when we do we have no privacy cause she is always listening to us talk. I asked my mother I. Law to sit on a different section of the couch cause she sits on it all day and sleeps on it at night. It's starting to sink in.. She then got angry and has been sitting on the floor. Someone give me advice on how to address the issues and get her out of my home!!!

Re: Mother in law moved in

  • Why is she living with your? Doe she have a mental or physical issue that prevents her from living by herself? My recommendation would be if she is able to live by herself contact social services to find out if there are any programs that she can qualify for and if there are any apartments near you that she could qualify to live in on those assistance programs. Then maybe you can make out that on say Monday nights, you'll pick her up after work and do any running around with her that she needs and on Thursday, your husband will take her around to do errands. This way you are sharing the work of driving her around. Also if she is getting driven around twice a week, she hopefully won't have as much to do on errands each time. Maybe to help on the financial aspect if you are able to get her out, you can help with laundry. Like take her dirty laundry with you on Monday night, husband returns it on Thursday & picksup anything new & you can just add it to your laundry then?
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