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I did an intro on GP a few months ago so I'll go with the cliffs notes version here.

Life - DH and I are both 27.  We both have steady careers and we're attempting to purchase our first home.  We are set to close on Thursday, April 3rd but we've run into a snag with our 2nd appraisal and things have gotten rocky.  The bank is taking a 3rd look at the 2nd appraisal on Monday and we either will close on time as planned or we will have to renegotiate for the lower appraisal price.  We're hopeful after my BFP this morning that things will start looking up.

TTC - We had always planned that once we had a house, we would start TTC.  Our timeline got moved up slightly when DH lost his father to cancer last month.  He(FIL) was diagnosed with breast cancer in October when it had already metastasized to his brain, lungs, and liver.  He had brain surgery and started chemo and radiation.  We thought he was getting better and then all of the sudden in the middle of February, shortly after his first grandchild was born (from BIL and SIL), he went downhill quickly.  We were there when he passed and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever seen.  Shortly after, DH felt the need to be happy again and for some happiness in our life, and since at that point every thing was looking on schedule for the closing to happen on April 3, we went ahead and started trying this month.  I felt great about our timing and actually felt 'different' within the first week after ovulation/conception.  I know it was early, but for some reason I just knew my body felt strange. Turns out my hunch was right! :)

Questions - Two of them right now, but I hope that you don't mind me asking since I'm a super newbie to this.  1) What in the world do I do to pass the time between now and my first appointment on May 1st?  2) What are you suggestions for lunch ideas?  I'm a deli meat addict for lunch because it's quick, easy, and cheap.  I'm picky so salads are out, but I'm running out of 'warm food' options to try.  Thoughts? :)

Thanks for all of your support already, ladies! FX that these 9 months go well and we welcome our peanut around Dec 8th.

Re: Mini-Intro

  • Welcome! To answer your questions:

    1) the wait time for the first appointment is the worst. Actually the whole first tri went by slowly for me. Try to find something to stay busy with!
    2) you can still eat deli lunch meat as long as it is heated. I have tried to avoid it and have found that my lunch options suck. I eat Smart Ones TV dinners, low sodium soup, PB & J, and the occasional tuna or chicken salad. I'm sure the other ladies will have good lunch suggestions!

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  • I did a lot of Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines.  Pizza was a big hit too, as was PBJ.

    Oh, and welcome and congrats!
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  • If you like hot samdwiches, you can still have lunch meats on them; deli meat just needs to be thoroughly heated to kill off any possible Listeria (pretty harmless for most people, but the very young, immunocompromised, and pregnant are susceptible to infection).

    I love egg salad sandwiches. Chicken salad is a good option too. Limit tuna fish to one serving (maybe two) a week (high in mercury). Bring leftovers from dinner! Pasta with meatballs, chicken and veggies, stir fry, soup, etc.

    For now, stick to lots of small healthy snacks. If you're like most, you won't be able to eat regular-sized meals for most of first tri (has nothing to do with m/s).
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  • I loved having yogurt with granola in it instead of sandwiches. 
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  • Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I hadn't even thought about the Lean Cuisine options! Freezer section here I come!

    I've already noticed that lunch is smaller for me and I've been cutting down my dinner portions for a while now to limit my late evening/night caloric intake.  DH works 11p-7a so dinner isn't usually until 8p and I hate eating a lot that close to bed.  We shall see how the next few weeks go. :)

  • Oh, and @LuckyAngel07 - DH is 6' 6" and about 280lb, I'm not sure what these things you call 'leftovers' are.  Even if I make a whole box of pasta, he takes the final serving for his overnight 'dinner'.  :)
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