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Lily Update

Our week has been busy.  Monday we had her year appointment.  She is 29 inches tall, 19 lbs and 1 oz.  She got some shots and her new doctor is nice.  I really miss our old doctor in Oklahoma though.  I did bring up one concern I had at her appointment.  About 4 weeks ago, 5 by now, we noticed that Lily would cross her eyes when she was trying to focus on something up close and then when she would refocus on something a normal distance away her left eye would take a little while (1-2 min) to fully refocus.  It seemed like her left eye was turning or becoming a lazy eye.  It happens on a daily basis, several times a day.  She didn't do it while we were at the appointment but the doctor provided me with a few phone numbers for some eye specialists.  She said it was probably nothing serious but it wouldn't hurt to have a specialist see her.  The regular doctor kept saying she just thought it was the shape of her eyes.  I called on on Tuesday and luckily the specialist had an opening at 8 am on Thursday.  Otherwise we would have had to wait until April 17th.

I am so happy we were able to get in so quickly.  While it meant a super early morning and we were there for 3 hours, we got answers.  Lily is far-sighted.  Apparently most babies are as their eyesight develops but hers is much stronger than a usual babies.  This means that things up close are blurry.  Which is why she crosses her eyes to focus on them.  Her left eye is worse than her right eye, so her brain stops using the left eye when she is trying to focus on something close up.  This is what causes her lazy eye.  There were a lot of technical terms.  Apparently there are 3 types of lazy eye.  I learned a lot yesterday.  Right now the prescription is glasses to help her focus which will help keep her eyes from crossing.  This in turn will hopefully correct her lazy eye.  They can't promise anything.  We go back in 4 months for a check up.  If she still has the lazy eye they made add an eye patch to her right eye to strengthen her left eye.  If her eyes are still crossing, eventually they may opt for surgery.  I'm hoping the glasses fix her eyes crossing. 

I'm not looking forward to getting her to wear them.  It's hard enough to get her to wear a headband.  The doctor assured me that once babies/toddlers realize the glasses help them see, that they leave them alone.  So here's hoping.  We ordered glasses before we left and they should be here in the next two weeks.  I feel bad for my baby that she is dealing with these eyesight problems but so happy that we were able to get in now instead of another month down the road.

So I have been a bit stressed the last few weeks wondering if her eyes would be better.  Since she has been functioning normally (able to pick things up, ect) I didn't take her to the regular doc sooner since we had her year appointment.  My mom made me feel worse when she came last weekend.  She couldn't stop talking about it and asking all sort of questions like had Lily hit her head super hard.  She was majorly stressing me out when I was just trying to focus on Lily's first birthday. I kept reminding her that we were seeing the doctor on Monday and that I was going to ask about it.  Then I texted my mom on Thursday to let her know we were at the specialist's office. I get all these texts back about why am I there, it's nothing serious, ect.  Like I'm freaking out over nothing.  I called my mom when we left.  I'm so happy we went.  If I had waited to see if her eyes corrected themselves, it could make her lazy eye worse, cause blindness in that eye, make her eyes cross enough that she would have needed surgery. At this point it's only glasses.  So I feel like a good mom for listening to my gut and making the appointment.
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Re: Lily Update

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