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Cleaning Floors

I'm looking for tips.  We have hardwood floors and area rugs.  If I vacuum first, lint sticks to the carpet when I sweep and I have to vacuum again.  If I sweep first, I have to do it again after I vacuum because some of the junk I vacuum goes flying back on to the floor...

Same with tile.  I sweep and then mop, but there still seems to be residual lint that is now wet because I mopped...

Any tips?  What is my problem with floors?

Re: Cleaning Floors

  • Our whole first floor is dark hardwoods with area rugs. I bought a vacuum that can go from carpet to hardwood (you can turn the brush off when using it on hardwood). Its great. So I can vacuum the hardwood, then the carpet, and then I usually do one more quick run around the carpets (on the hardwood) to get up any dog hair or lint that flies off the carpet. 

    I also use a microfiber dry mop every day. This keeps all the dust at bay. 

    Hope that helps!
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  • I also use a vacuum that can do carpet as well as hard floors. We have laminate, tile, and rugs. Works great!

    I use a steam mop after I vacuum (not every time), but no issues with lint/dust being left behind.
  • You don't have a problem with lint just being pushed sround by the steam mop?

  • What brand is the microfiber dry mop?
  • I have a Dyson Animal. It's not the big one (I sold that one because it was too cumbersome) it's the one with the ball. It sucks up most the lint and dust.

    With the steam mop I do have to mop in a pattern that keeps any debris in the cloth, but you kind of have to do that with anything. 

    Really the best way to get your floors clean is on hands and knees with a cloth and a bucket. I do that a couple of times a year.
  • I will also say it's just the two of us and our small dog. I vacuum 3-4 times a week. I think that helps with keeping the lint/dust at a manageable level.
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    We have hardwood floors, tile and rugs. I have a Roomba that I put on each day. It vacuums up most of the daily dust/dirt. I mop the hardwood and tile floors like once a week. If we spill, I will clean it up obviously, but vacuum daily.
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  • Thanks for everyone's input.  I'm thinking that maybe I don't have the best tools...

  • Check your furnace filter too. I wonder why you have so much dust/lint. That can make a difference.
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