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TTC -- What am I doing?

You guys, I need some advice on TTC. We've been trying for a couple months, and it's hard, for many reasons:
*I'm 37
*I have very long cycles. Like 40 days.

Tell me everything I need to do.

Re: TTC -- What am I doing?

  • camichael84camichael84 member
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    Do you know about Fertility Friend (www.fertilityfriend.com) and charting? I'd say that's a good place to start. Especially with long cycles. Along with that, I'd recommend using OPKs. Being able to pinpoint when your ovulating will help your chances.

    After BCP, I had very long, irregular (like 60-90 day) cycles. Charting and using OPKs helped not only with being able to figure out when I was ovulating, but also I always knew when my period was going to start so I was never caught unexpectedly at work or anything (which is really helpful when you have no idea when that could be).

    ETA: Also, since you're over 35, you can go in for testing after you've been trying for 6 months instead of waiting a full year.

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  • Thanks! Yes, I use period tracker and the last two months I used OPKs. What REALLY sucks, is that DH has been traveling a lot and last month was gone during my most fertile time (according to OPKs).

    That should change here soon, though.

    Before that I was on the pill, and yeah, I just started my period today and it had been 42 days since my previous cycle. Hopefully that evens out a little. I had forgotten, though, how much PMS and cramps suck.
  • You're welcome!

    I do recommend temping and charting over using a period tracker. The OPKs are great, but the only way to know you have definitely ovulated is to temp. All you need is a basal body thermometer (these go to the hundredth degree instead of tenth like a regular thermometer) and to temp the same time of day before you get out of bed. When your temp goes up about half a degree and stays up, you know you've ovulated. If you think you're interesting in charting, I recommend Fertility Friend.

    And I'm sure having your DH home when your most fertile will help, too. ;)

    I know what you mean about periods, it seems like the further apart they are, the worse they seem. And I swear they're more hateful when you were hoping for a BFP instead.

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  • There is a fertility friend app. Some of the paid period tracker apps do the same thing as fertility friend. You can enter in your temp, cervical mucus, opk, symptoms, when you've had intercourse. It will show you a chart/ graph and tell you when you most likely ovulated.

    I temped for a few months. It was stressful for me. You must temp at the same time everyday while still in bed.

    You're doing a lot right. And it's only been two months. And one of those the timing with your H didn't work out. You are able to start getting tested after 6 months if you want to.
  • I'd even call your doc to ask their advice since you're of "advanced maternal age" (which is 35 and over...so dumb).

    But charting is what helped us the most.

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  • Ditto with the fertility friend suggestion.  I would start temping and see what that shows.  Also, because you are 35+, after 6 months you can look into testing. 

    You said you're using OPKs, did you get + results from those?

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  • I did get + results. I'll definitely keep doing that. H is home now for a good 4 weeks so hopefully this cycle is it!

    Although I have my doubts. I mean, I'm 37, which is practically ancient. I'm probably barren.
  • sdose, i read this message awhile back and thought you might like its message:

    good luck with everything!
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