May 2012 Weddings
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Wedding shower ?

kushie77kushie77 member
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My MOH is getting married this year and her shower is at the end of March. It's a 6 hour drive and we're also doing her girl's night out that weekend.

In a moment of weakness I agreed to do cookie trays but honestly I don't have time to do them. Would it be a total cop out if I just made one kind and bought the rest from this amazing bakery by me? #feelingguilty

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Re: Wedding shower ?

  • No! BUY BUY BUY! You are doing so much already, don't stress yourself out and you know they are going to be good so why not!
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  • I agree BUY! Plus you agreed you bring a cookie tray not make one. I think as long as you are doing a bakery it will be fine I wouldn't suggest Oreos but a bakery is totally fine. I don't know that I would even make 1 kind I would just buy them all.
  • I think I'd tell her you don't have time to "make" the cookie tray because of the drive they would have to be made on a work day, but you would love to buy the cookie tray if she's OK with that. Then she has the option for someone else to make it, if she really wants it to be homemade.
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  • i agree buy them! shell just be happy you took the time! and really who would know
  • Nahh I'd totally just buy it.
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  • I agree, buy it. You said you'd bring a cookie tray, not make a cookie tray. 

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