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Weekend Plans?

What is everyone planning to get up to this weekend?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • Grocery shopping & cleaning Saturday and then Super Bowl party at our house Sunday.
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  • Tonight is just the usual. School work and stuff... though no cleaning because as of yesterday I have an unemployed house-husband to take care of that stuff for me! (Silver linings and all that, right?)

    Tomorrow I have a massage and then we're meeting a bunch of friends down at Winterfest for chili and beer and outside fun.

    On Sunday, A and I are heading to a ski resort nearby where my parent's have a condo for a couple of days. We're just going to swim and hot tub and hangout. 
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  • Today and Sunday I am going to yoga.  The heated classes feel really good lately.  Other than cooking and reading, I don't have anything else planned.  Glorious!  DH is working on his airplane all weekend.
  • Mh is off today so we are trying to work on the basement renos.
    Tomorrow my mom is supposed to come out but they are calling for more stupid snow.
    Sunday has no plans. Mh will be working.
  • Not much, thankfully.
    Tate has swim class in the morning, and I think that's the only thing we have planned.  I'd like to make a dent in cleaning up our basement.  Big fun!
  • I was planning to go to the library and our old babysitter's son's first birthday but we're supposed to get more snow dumped on us tomorrow. I'm not crazy about driving in it if we don't absolutely have to. I'm sick of winter.
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  • Tonight: DH's band has a show so we'll go to that.

    Tomorrow: My birthday!!! We are going to go to the Roller Derby with a bunch of friends then out for drinks

    Sunday: Superbowl and watching SNL but not changing out of pajamas

    I'm so excited!


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  • My MIL is coming over tonight to stay with us. She will (luckily) only be here until we have to leave for our child birth class tomorrow morning. After class we will go out to lunch. Other than that, I was put on bed rest at my last appointment so, I will be reading and working on our baby registry.

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  • Tonight: getting a burrito and a dessert on my way home, then doing laundry, hot night I have planned.

    Saturday:  chores and resting and reading, recovering from the plague I got at work.

    Sunday: more of the same, maybe another load of laundry, Super Bowl and just being lazy.
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  • Tonight: being boring and catching up on sleep. We've been lacking in the sleep department with going to the hospital to see our godson and his mommy while taking care of our goddaughter. She's a handful. I might start organizing the spare room/someday nursery just to get it done.

    Saturday: husband works so I'm going to clean.

    Sunday: going to see my mother in law and start demolition and renovation work of her kitchen. It's to the point that the ceiling is in danger of crashing to the floor, so it needs to get done.
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  • Tonight: Working till 10
    Tomorrow: Work 8:30-5 and then homework
    Sunday: Meeting with classmates and then more homework. We were supposed to go to BILs for the game but they decided not to host. We don't care enough to find another party.

    I'm not a fan of this weekend.

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  • Tonight: H won't be home from work until 9ish so I'm just hanging out by myself.  Crocheting and watching Revenge on Netflix.  I think I will finish it soon and then I'm going to start Once Upon a Time.

    Tomorrow:  I am going to work from 10-4, I don't have to but I could use the extra money

    Sunday: Sleeping in, grocery shopping, cleaning.  My weekend sounds almost too exciting to handle.
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  • Well, my weekend got shot all to hell.  I'm probably just going to hang around the house and let other people take care of me.


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  • Last night was my friend's 30th birthday party. We celebrated at her family's lake house with dinner and drinks.
    Today I'm recovering from last night lol. Just napping and reading.
    Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday dinner and we'll probably watch the game at a friend's after that.
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