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GTKY: Allergies

Are you allergic to anything? What is the weirdest thing you are allergic to?

Re: GTKY: Allergies

  • I don't have any allergies that I know of!
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  • nope!
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  • Just poisons.  Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac.

    In middle/high school, there were 3 years in a row I got it bad- trip to the ER bad. I would only get it from the neck up- but EVERYWHERE.  In my ears, up my nose, on my eyelids...  My face would be so swollen that people didn't recognize me.

    I don't even have to touch it.  Our theory is that someone was burning some and I must have walked by on my way home from school.

    After that, my doctor would trust me when I could feel an outbreak coming, and prescribe me the steroids to stop it from getting horrible. A couple of years later, he let me know there was a new vaccine available. I had 3 shots in a row (Dec, Jan, Feb), and then would have to come back each January for the booster. Major celebration. Until the next January when I went for the booster and was told they had discontinued that vaccine. Who knows why or what possible effects those drugs had on me.

    I have to believe it worked, though- I have only had it once or twice since then- and only on my fingers!


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  • I have lots of allergies but I feel most are normal pollen, ragweed, etc. However I just found out like a few years ago that I'm allergic to penicillin which is weird because I had antibiotics my whole life which had it in them.
  • I'm allergic to some red food dyes. I turn red and get all itchy. Also have some seasonal allergies but nothin too serious. H is allergic to penicillin, and sulfa drugs. So he can only get the expensive drugs.... Hopefully our kid doesn't get that.
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  • I get horrible hives whenever I have tomatoes or shellfish... it doesn't stop me from eating it.
  • According to an allergy test I had in like 8th grade I am allergic to cats, dust mites, oak, and feathers. Of those cats are the only allergy I have allergy symptoms with. I do sneeze when dusting a super dusty room, but most people do. I also have hay fever/seasonal allergies.
  • Latex, shellfish and penicillin. Nothing really strange but I do carry an epi pen.
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  • Omg. So many. And weird ones too. I have something called Oral Allergy Syndrome, so my not so weird seasonal allergies like ragweed and birch pollen manifest themselves in fruits and vegetables, like: apples, pears, plums, kiwi, peaches, strawberries, grapes, carrots, celery, radishes, also some herbs like basil, mint, and chamomile, so I can't have a lot of teas either. I get an itchy back of my throat, usually a swollen tongue and a fat lip. If I don't stop in time, I'll throw up. I learn about more every season. Strawberries are new since last spring, grapes are becoming less tolerant, and sometimes I'll get a reaction from avocados, but I've never figured out what season that is. 

    I also have digestional allergies that make me super bloated and gassy. That list used to be super long, but it has shortened because I can get rid of those by not eating them, whereas my allergies tied to the pollens will just continue to grow. Those are mostly grains, like barley, brown rice, and anything that says "Made from Whole Grain!".

    And my allergist says to never touch nuts or peanuts ever again. Even though I've never had a reaction to them before (except for almonds, I knew about those), I test positive for them and those are scary allergies, so I'm not allowed to have them. I really miss peanut butter.
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  • I've never been diagnosed but sometimes I get sick after I eat pine nuts so I try to avoid them. Other than that, nothing. 

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  • I am allergic to corn and anything corn like high fructose corn syrup corn starch anything corn I get itchy and get hives all over. I am in Wi with H visiting our families for a week my Inlaws own and run there farm I was in the room where they make the food for the cows and in the fees they put some corn and it turns it into corn dust I shouldn't have went in there after words I couldn't stop sneezing I got itchy all over and my eyes itched something horrible. Some times I get sick if I eat to much HFCS. It sucks but i still eat it. I try not too but I love corn!

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