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Do you or your H snore? Do you do anything for it?

Re: GTKY: Bed

  • H snores something fierce. I sleep with ear plugs in. When he's sick it's even worse and one of us usually has to sleep in another room.
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  • H does but not all the time. I snore when I am sick. I grew up with my dad snoring very, very loud (their bedroom was across the hall) and am just used to it.
  • DH snores depending on his position. I used to it now. If it bugs me I nudge him in to a new position or a few times woke him up.
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  • My H snores so bad. He is finally going to get it looked into. I know he has sleep acena. We can't sleep in the same bed. :( I try to on weekends but usually end up leaving for the guest bedroom in the middle of the night. I hate how we have to sleep separate but we both need our sleep.
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  • I know I snore but usually it's not that bad unless I'm sick or when I was pregnant and could only sleep in 2 positions. H has all of a sudden developed this snoring thing and it's BAD! If I don't fall asleep before him I almost will never get to sleep.
  • Neither of us snore. I can't cope with snoring at all.
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  • I only snore when I'm sick. H will snore if he's sleeping on his back or sick. It can get pretty bad. I usually just nudge him and try to fall asleep before he does. Sometimes I have to wake him up and ask him to sleep on his side. 

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  • H snores....I wake him up if he falls asleep befor me
  • My H snores sometimes. I usually just tell him to roll on his side when he snores and that usually does the trick.  I am pretty sure I snore too, but H rarely tells me I do or wakes me up.  
  • Neither one of us snores much unless we have a cold or something. Usually just nudging the other person resolves it. 
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  • Oh! I just thought of this. We don't snore, but H clicks his teeth. It's not really grinding cuz he doesn't grind side to side, but he like chomps really hard. It makes me cringe just imagining what he's doing to his teeth so I usually wake him up.
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