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How do I get DH interested in getting into shape?

For the last 6 months or so, I have been eating healthier and working out more and in turn have lost some weight (16lbs!) and feel great!  DH says I'm looking better than ever!  I have been cooking veggie-ful meals and trying to buy healthy things to have in the home for both of us.  Question is, how do I get DH to jump on the band wagon?  He loves athletics (plays softball, golf, soccer, etc) but it is limited to summer.   He has been gaining some weight and feeling bad about himself (tells me this, not reading into it) and has trouble with poor moods (not diagnosed depression).  I try to get him to walk our VERY energetic dog, but he rarely does.  We have a community fitness center pass which was his idea, but he does not frequent it.  I'm worried about his weight and blood pressure.  He works a lot and says he's really tired and does not have time for working out (job involves lots of sitting, some walking).  I've explained to him that you have to get moving in order to feel better but he won't pick up what I'm putting down!  I try asking him to take the dog for a walk with me, but he most of the time won't.   Suggestions?

Re: How do I get DH interested in getting into shape?

  • I have the same issue, Ive been wanting to be healthier being that we would like to try to have a baby in the near future but my DH says he works hard and doesn't want to work out. I think it would be nice to be able to do this together. He is willing to eat healthier though!
  • Is there something you can do together?  H and I have taken on a fitness challenge of strength training exercises to get fit together.  We were going to start running together, but he dislocated his ankle back in August and that put an end to that.  Walking the dog (together!) or taking weekend walks/hikes is also a great thing to do (also cheap date!)
  • DH and I used to do athletic things together all the time while we were dating (Hiking, biking, crosscountry skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, running, rock climbing...most our dates were athletic).  however in the past 2 years (we got married July 2012) he's lost interest and I pretty much have to drag him kicking and screaming to do any of these.  

    my biggest problem with this is that we now have all this equipment (skis, snowshoes, bikes...) that we bought, and DH loving top-of the line stuff dropped a lot of cash on.  

    We had a pretty frank discussion/ mini-fight about this and he says he's going to try harder.  We're going to sign up for a century ride this summer, i'm hoping the motivation of that will get him out on the skis and snowshoes with me for the next few months and out on the bikes once the roads are clean. 

    Events are fun, DH definitely gets excited for those, so I'm going to fill our calendar with fun events and hope that gets him out the door with me to exercise). There's a 5K the weekend of St. Patty's day, then one event every month until Memorial day, then the summer is full or rides, runs, and tri's.  I'm hoping once he gets into the events and sees how much more fun they are as you get faster I'll get him hooked again. 
    Me: 28 H: 30
    Married 07/14/2012
    TTC #1 January 2015
    BFP! 3/27/15 Baby Girl!! EDD:12/7/2015
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