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GTKY: Video

Growing up did you play video games? If so what did you play? Did you have several different gaming stations? If so what were they?

Re: GTKY: Video

  • Nintendo 64 and I was a rockstar at Mario kart. Coolest kid on the block with a 64, now the kids at work laugh at me for having one!
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  • We had an Atari, and a Sega. For years that was it.

    When Nintendo came out, we really wanted one, but my folks said no. This led to some major sibling bonding, and possibly the only thing that my older brother and I didn't fight about for YEARS.

    We pooled or allowances and bought a used system from a friend of his. We hid it in the basement, with the atari, and they only found out when they moved a couple of years ago.

    We knew that if we fought about playing time or taking turns out anything, they would find it and take it away. Haha.

    A few years later, when Super Nintendo came out, my little brother asked santa for one and guess what was under the tree.


    Not that I hold a grudge or anything haha


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  • My brother had a ton of systems and I always played with those when I was younger. We had a nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64, playstation 1 and later the 2, Wii, sega... my brother also had a few gameboys...he is a bit of a gamer. I loved to pay when I was younger. Then I met H playing a computer game. :) I still enjoy playing the sims and some of H's PC games.
  • We didn't have any gaming systems growing up...occasionally we would rent one from the video store. We did go to our neighbors a lot because they had a Nintendo and a super Nintendo and a play station. 
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    y brothers had Nintendo and I liked to be the annoying little sister who wanted to play. I was terrible at anything other than Duck Hunt (I've never been a fan of/good at games with controllers). I did have those Tiger handheld games:

    Now we have a Wii but I very rarely use it. H has an Xbox that he play occasionally, but we mostly watch Netflix on it. 

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  • I had a Nintendo and Super Nintendo. And my brother had a Sega. Then we got a Nintendo 64 and eventually a Playstation and Wii. The Wii is actually mine so when I moved out I took it with me. H plays it more than I do he loves the golf and we do Wii fit on it. I love Super Mario and even have the one for Wii but it's not the same! Duck Hunt was amazing and of course Mario Kart which I have for the Wii now too.
  • I played lots of video games.   First, was the Atari.  I loved the game Taz.  I also liked pole position, pac man, and centipede.  Then we had a Nintendo.  My favorite games were Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Zelda, and a hockey game.   We also got a Sega and I loved Sonic.  I think of all the video games my most favorite was Taz.
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    We had the original Nintendo. I loved Mario 1 through 3, and I remember my uncle having some island boy game that I loved, also really likes Tetris. Then we got an n64. Mario and Mario kart were definitely my faves, along with goldeneye (James Bond). After that I got a wii, my boyfriend at the time bought it for me for my birthday. Mainly, again, played Mario, Mario kart, and sonic and Mario at the Olympics. Finally... Loved Mario party do both 64 and wii. My best friend was in an accident and ended up paralyzed from the waist down. While she was still getting used to (for a lack of a better description) her new life as a paraplegic, we spent many hours playing Mario party lol
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    We had Nintendo, N64, Sega, and play station 2. I used to pay super mario bro's all the time on Nintendo that is the only one I remember playing maybe one other but I do not recall the name I just remember playing it I also remember playing a bit of duck hunt when I go a bit older. N64 played Diddy Cong racing and Super Mario, Saga I played Sonic the hedge hog and some dolphin game. Play station 2 I played Need for speed, and Rock Band. I would have to say out of all the game Mario Brothers for Nintendo was my fav.


  • We had an Atari and a commodor 64 computer that we used to play games on.  We got a Nintendo one year for Xmas but didn't really play it much.  It's actually upstairs in the hall closet with the duck hunt gun and the track and field mat.  Now we have a Wii, and the Fit balance board that I use a few times a week.  
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  • My brother had a ton - Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc. I never really played anything other than Duck Hunt or this Barbie game that I had. I was never really into video games. 

    H has an Xbox 360 now but he never uses it and he's thinking about selling it. Other than that, we don't have anything. We might get a Wii because I want the Zumba game.
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