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Boudoir photos?

Not sure if this is where this should go, but - I'm planning on having boudoir photos taken for our 5th anniversary next year. Any suggestions on anything related? Any experience to pass on? 

Thanks, and apologies for the long siggy that isn't up to date. I can't get it to function properly.

Re: Boudoir photos?

  • The experience is up to you.

    You can either do full on nudes or opt out for something like a bunch of "cheesecake" shots in retro makeup and retro hair. 

    The Forties, the Fifties and the Sixties would be fun periods in time to do --- I myself like the Sixties idea; think of all the classic Playboy centerfolds where the ladies had a natural, girl-next-door look and not the dye jobbed siliconed mannequins that are in their centerfolds now.

    Have a look at classic actresses like Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth and somebody like Bette Page. Get some ideas; see what you think.:)
  • They have Groupons for this stuff all the time! Never struck me as a good value thought since they usually charge way extra for hair/make up and it's charged by time (and them spent changing into a new outfit is also charged, so I think it would feel rushed).

    But I've always been interested so please let us know what company you use and how you like it!
  • Will do! I thought I'd do this now, as we plan to TTC within the next year or two. Just in case I don't get back to fitting in my pre-kid wardrobe, I'd like to at least look back and be all 'see, mommy was skinny once!' Plus it'll drive DH insane, and I'm all for that.  ;)

  • I did mine for our wedding. I loved it.  They made me feel so good about myself.  I just found a local company. I did get one on a groupon but after I bought their package, I was looking at their website. They had so many extras that I wanted that ended up costing a lot more. Luckily I was able to sell it to someone. 

    Recommendations are to bring props with you that your H would like.  Example-jerseys, white shirt, stockings, ect.  Most important-Have FUN!

  • I did mine for our wedding. I used our wedding photographers as a way to meet them before the big day. It was a bit nerve wracking, but I warmed up after a bit. They started slow- with me in just a nice blouse and slacks, with a lacy cami underneath. Then I changed into gradually more revealing outfits. It was a lot of fun. I had a make up artist there to who helped change my look for each outfit. 
    I would say to just have fun. Wear things you know your H will like- like a sports jersey, or a particular outfit you know he loves- his fave piece of lingerie-. 
    good luck!
  •   While we were doing the "boudoir photos". We decided that when we were already set up, made up and done up. That we may as well and go all the way and take some images that would "rev DH's engine" . DH still gets all excited and grateful. If I'm away on a work trip or at home with Aunt Flo visiting. DH has me for inspiration instead of some bimbo on the internet.
  • edited January 2014
    Why not something like this:

    Do a group of cheesecake  shots -- find a student photographer who'll do it, or a friend who is great with photos -- and wait until spring. Go out to the country somewhere and do a series of shots with you wearing little ole cutoffs and a white tank top.

    Maybe add a cowboy had and those little cowboy boots. I think something like that is sexy as hell.
  • I plan on wearing his Blues jersey/sweater, on the hunt for emerald colored lingerie (going to be in the Emerald Isle when I give it to him, so I thought it'd be fun to incorporate new lingerie into the whole thing), maybe one of this work shirts buttoned loosely and a tie or something since he has to get dressier for work than I do. 

    My hang up at the moment is being scantily clad in front of a stranger. I've googled boudoir photos for ideas and have several, but I'm very nervous about being barely covered in front of someone I don't know. Ya know? 

  • I would meet the photographer first before buying a package or deciding to do it.  I interviewed several before deciding and picked the person I felt the most comfortable with.  This made me feel much more at ease on the actual day.

    Plus, I was never completely naked, or even mostly naked.  This just wasn't something I was interested in doing.

    If a photographer does boudoir photos and doesn't want to meet in person beforehand, I probably wouldn't book them.
  • I'm not planning on doing full nudes - I'm not comfortable with those. I like the clothed ones where there's just enough skin showing for the imagination to take it the rest of the way. DH has me memorized, so I'm sure he can take it the rest of the way without me even being there. 

    Good thought to interview! I that hadn't occurred to me. At the moment, I'm just trying to locate local photographers that do these. I may have to drive to Indy for this.

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