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Post-Wedding Weight Gain

Hey ladies. I haven't been on the Nest yet, but I loved the Knot when I was getting married. I have kind of an embarrassing story to share, but I just need to get it out there so maybe someone can help me, haha!

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. We had a great time together, and really enjoyed it. BUT part of our anniversary celebration was watching our wedding picture slide show. I knew I wasn't the same size as I was then, but looking at those pictures made me realize just how much weight I've gained since the wedding. I was thin and in shape and had a flat tummy. I had been avoiding the scale, but after watching that I had to know. I weigh 173 (that's a gain of 50 pounds)! In a year! Looking at those pictures of me was a huge wakeup call. I look completely different now. My squishy belly rolls over my pants and my thighs are huge. My face is round and fat too :( I know this might sound weird, but I feel suddenly embarrassed for people to see me. I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, but looking at those pics made me realize how much chubbier I look.

My mom has made a few comments to me about my weight, but I didn't really pay much attention. Just saying I should think about a 1-piece when we were at the pool, and when I kept needing to stop because I was tired or my thighs were chafing when our family plays sports (we play a lot of soccer, pickup basketball, etc.) she said I never used to have a problem. Come to think of it, I was asked by a few of my coworkers if I was pregnant too! I assumed they just thought that since I was newly married and were being nosy. All that was probably people noticing my weight gain, and I had no clue I had gotten so big! Mortifying.

I don't need advice on how to lose the weight. I know what to do. But has anyone else ever been in complete shock about their weight gain? Any advice on how to feel ok about seeing people and going out knowing how I look?!


Re: Post-Wedding Weight Gain

  • I'm going through the same thing right now.  I actually gained a little weight before my wedding b/c we had so many celebrations, but once we said ",I do," I tuned out and started eating.

    I know you said you don't need any advice on how to lose weight, but let me ask one thing: do you know why you started power chowing after you got married?  There's nesting and then there's eating your feelings. 

    I HATE seeing people who only knew me as thin or from when I was at least thinner.  I stopped going out as much and kind of holed up at home.  Don't do it b/c you'll just gain more weight!  When you see your old friends, it kind of makes you more aware.  Get some cute clothes that fit your body now so you'll feel a little better and get out there! 

    You'll feel weird and awkward, fake it until you make it! 

    Have you started doing anything to lose weight?

  • Yep. I gained a good amount of weight a few years ago (close to 20 lbs in a little over a month) due to an already poor control on binge-ing and a medication that made me hungry a lot (or I may have just blamed it on that, in retrospect, but who knows!)

    I didn't notice I had gained any weight, though, until I tried to put on a normal pair of pants.  My work pants are usually a bit stretchy and/or baggier than I'd wear regularly, so I never noticed a difference in fit.  When I put on the regular pants, however, they were a good two to two and a half inches from even being CLOSE to closing. It was a huge wake up call. No one said anything to me though - maybe due to the baggy work clothes. 

    It scared the crap out of me, though, especially to gain it in so little time. 
  • See dear, this kind of problems are part & parcel of life. I would advise you to not to get panicked with such changes in you. Hence start following a good diet regime & also at the same time do workouts & walking to loose some calorie. & if possible cut on junk food, which is really not healthy enough to give a good shape.
  • I gained 20lbs around our wedding due to a few factors including bcp. Husband and I have started ttc and my doctor wants me to lose weight. Since I've started in late July I have lost 15. It is just an adjustment in what and how much to eat. I think it is very common to gain after the i dos. 

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    Control your diet and do proper exercise to keep your weight within a healthy limit. 
    Avoid more fried foods and junk foods etc. and take more fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
    Do exercise daily or at least 5 times a week for the weight control purposes.  

  • I get sticker shock every time I get on the scale. In high school, I was a little cheerleader with intense muscles and endurance for days. It's not even been 10 years and now I'm more of a couch potato with rolls where muscles used to be. But the more I beat myself up, the more I'm scared to take a chance and do something about it. So now I tell myself that I love who I am and just want to improve my ability to be me.
  • I gained weight almost immediately after we got married.  Not sure why exactly, but all of a sudden I had a lot more responsibility than I had in the past and no time to go to the gym to release my stress so I turned to food.  My husband gained weight also, we tried so many different diets and meal modifications, it always seemed to come down to I was too tired to cook and he didin't know how to.  So 2 years later, we have finally gotten back on track.  We started a program called advocare, started with the 24 day challenge, I am now 14 days into the program and have lost 8 lbs and my husband 16.  And visible inches.  The amount of energy that we have throughout the day is sustained.  We feel amazing.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is struggling with weightloss, looking for extra energy or even just trying to tone.  They have so many different products.
  • I agree with other people.  I gained wait after the wedding.  It is most due to stress.   Not the stress like wedding stuff which prob made me lose more weight but stress like of when can we get pregnant,when can we buy a home, how do we make more money etc.  I am trying to get back on track for the new year.   I mean 10 lbs in 3 months is so gross.  My pants barely fit and I don't want to go back to where I was before.  I think everyone had their own issues why they gain weight after wedding and they  just have to deal with them before they lose the weight.
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  • I lost 36 pounds over the course of 2 years before my wedding and reached my target weight.  After I got married, I gained 10 back over the three months after our wedding.  The wedding stress was gone, I adapted to my relaxed eating habits from the honeymoon and we were eating out a lot.  I've started cooking healthy meals at home instead of going out and I stick to a limited calorie diet and I've already lost a couple pounds on my track to get back to my wedding weight.  I log all my food and track my calories with MyFitnessPal and cook healthy recipes every night.  I recommend for recipes.  I have loved every recipe and it makes sticking to my calorie goal a breeze!
  • You should maintain your diet plan and do exercise daily and if possible try to doing Yoga practice at home because this types of exercise will help your maintain weight.

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  • You should maintain your diet plan and do exercise daily and if possible try to doing Yoga practice at home because this types of exercise will help your maintain weight.

    Oceanfront spa in kona | Hot Stone Massage Kona | waxing kona
  • I definitely started to put weight on after the wedding, although I don't know what I weighed day-of.  Of course, we got married in December, and then it was Christmas and holiday parties!  I also live in New England, and I'm a baby when it comes to running outside in the cold.  (I'd picked up running over the summer because my blood pressure was high and the doctor told me losing five pounds might help.)  So, anyway, I found myself back in the 150s (I'm 5'5") right after the new year.  H and I are doing a buns, guns & abs challenge together, and I'm also driving myself out to my parents' house a few nights a week to use their treadmill.

    You're not alone and I think having the H get on board with the new habits is important.
  • It's SO assuring to know I'm not the only one dealing with this! Although my wedding was a mere month ago...the post-wedding weight gain got a HUGE jump start during our honeymoon (cruise ship food options :-/) I was doing pretty well from Thanksgiving through New Year's and managed to maintain my weight to fit in my dress, but within a month...boom, 10 pounds gained easily. It was a frightening reality when I decided to weigh myself...I'm in the process of transitioning my laziness habits I've adopted from this ridiculously snowy/cold winter (walking more instead of waiting indoors for the bus to take me to the el train)..but I feel like I won't ever get motivated, like losing weight for a wedding, now that's it's all over. 

    What are some of the ways you all have transitioned to a routine? I love to run, I'm relatively active (more so when the season allows it), but I can't stand to invest in gyms and I'm constantly confronted with new food trends that distract me from my attempt for healthiness. Is there anything that really seems to stick? I'm all ears!
  • H and I joined a gym a few weeks ago; only $20/mo for both of us.  We meet up after work and do some cardio and machines together.  Of course, we've had nothing but snow again the past few days, so all my cardio comes from shoveling snow, but I'm also eating a lot because I'm stuck at home.  

    Wil Wheaton just wrote a blog post about how having his FitBit got him motivated, because he could see how his friends with it were doing and it would motivate him to "beat" them at their steps for the day.
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    I'm glad I am not alone!! I can't believe it, but I have gained 17 pounds and we have only been married 6 months! It's been so cold outside that when I get home from work I just basically get into my PJ's and get into bed. I am so glad it's getting warmer though! We decided we will go on a walk today and I asked him about a hike tomorrow morning. We are celebrating my birthday tomorrow evening. We are going out for Mongolian Grill and then I invited everyone to go to this trampoline place. I don't care that I am in my upper 20's. I need to get out and do some dang physical activity haha! It's fun that a lot of the adults I invited are planning to go!  <:-P But I totally agree, I have been embarrassed lately to see people because I know they notice. :( Good luck everyone in your goals!
  • I can relate to post wedding weight gain, mine started when I was planning my wedding. At my heviest I was 310lbs and ashamed,embarrassed and just hated myself. For the chaffing, put a little bit of baby powder on a kleenex and pat it on the problem areas. I started seeing a nutritionist, bought a pedometer and saw my PCP to see what was going on with my body(blood sugar,high blood pressure,ect.)
    I also can't afford a gym but if you go to a site like HSN or QVC you can find folding exercise bikes and even treadmills that can be paid over 5-6 payments. I wish you all the best and don't ever feel bad about yourself :)

  • Interesting ideas youv p-resented.
  • I'm feeling pretty discouraged....we've been married almost 2 years and I've managed to put on 40 pounds :( It's horrifying. I'm at 160lbs right now and I've never been this big in my entire life....I've had to buy all new summer pants. 

    Although I'm not LARGE, I'm incredibly uncomfortable with this new body change and, like many of you, am embarrassed to be seen. A new friend, who is blatantly honest, told me that I definitely look like I've gained weight since my wedding pictures. Hubby and I are going to try to take a walk before we need to get ready for work in the morning, and I'm going to try to limit my intake of sweets and tasty drinks. Knowing my own personality and motivation, I know I wouldn't make it very long if I banned tasty things, but I want to get back to just TREATING myself instead of gorging.

    I'd like to blame some of it on medicines I've been taking, but I know it's not all (if any) because of that. 

    I'm really glad to know I'm not alone with this. Let's just keep working toward our goals, ladies, and just remember to be gracious to ourselves and not beat ourselves up as we're working towards feeling better :)
  • Superchick153 hang in there and you will get back to it...the key is finding your fitness and sticking to it, make a plan and follow it...consistency is key!  If you need any ideas you can always PM me!
  • Superchick153 hang in there and you will get back to it...the key is finding your fitness and sticking to it, make a plan and follow it...consistency is key!  If you need any ideas you can always PM me!
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