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37 week appointment (long)

This was probably the quickest appointment I've ever had throughout my pregnancy. The doctor came in, asked me what I've been feeling and I told him about my copious amounts of BH, back pain, hip pain, etc. He basically just responded that it sounds like things are moving forward and that I'm almost there. He didn't check me because he felt it was unnecessary. Quote: "I could check you and you have no progress and still go in labor today. I could also check you and you be 4 cm and 75% and be stuck like that for two more weeks. No point in putting you through it."

He attempted to listen to the HB but LO wouldn't stay still - at all. Every time he would get close to hearing more than 3 beats LO would move to a different position or squirm. I think since he could physically see baby boy moving on the outside of my belly he was satisfied enough not to time a HB.

He asked how big DH and I were at birth (I was 6 lbs 4 oz and DH was 6 lbs 7 oz) and he goes, "this is definitely bigger than a 6 lb baby." Lol. Joy.

He left it at saying, "Tell your baby he can send you into labor any time he wants, we are ready for you."
Dave and Kathleen - 09.12.09:


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Re: 37 week appointment (long)

  • sounds like a really great appointment! the waiting game continues....
  • Here's hoping the little guy comes sooner rather than later!  I'm glad you had a good appointment!  And kudos to the doctor for what he said about checking you.  He's completely right about that.  My friend never had any BH and had 0 dilation and 0 effacement at her 38 week appointment.  Her water broke that night and she had her little girl the next morning.  Anything can happen!

    Come on, baby boy!  Give your mama some relief!
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  • We should start a pool of how big we think LO is going to be :) the doctor seemed stunned when he heard how small DH and I were. Lol.

    DH says 8 lbs 4 oz. With 19 days until my EDD and theoretically LO gaining 1-2 oz a day, I'm going with 8 lb 7 oz.
    Dave and Kathleen - 09.12.09:


  • Sounds like everything went good! Any time you're ready little man! First baby of 2014 maybe?
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  • Sounds like a great appointment, although I was so into my numbers during pregnancy and liked knowing my dilation, it really doesn't mean anything.

    I had preterm labour and was dilated to 3cm at 33 weeks.  I was on bedrest for 4 weeks and continued with non-stop BH until 40w1 day when baby came.  Dilation doesn not equal labour so its almost best not knowing.

    I'm glad to hear you have a healthy squirmer in there!

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  • Nice! My 37 week appt was pretty quick too. I had no signs of labor so I didn't ask for a check. My 38 week appt, I was admitted to L&D and had a baby four hours later. Anything can happen.
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  • @madeline10L - I'm completely stressing. I would love to hold him in there until at least the 10th. My dad is in the UK January 5 - 9 and I really want him to be here. However, I also would like to put my hip back together. Lol
    Dave and Kathleen - 09.12.09:


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  • I'm glad you had a good appointment! Can't wait for you to meet your baby boy!

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  • Glad you had a good appt and I hope that baby boy comes any time!
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  • Yay for a good appointment! :)

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  • Yay! Sounds like a great appt. My fix doesn't start checking until 39 weeks either and I agree it means nothing. With my first I wasn't dilated at all. At 41 weeks I had no progress, scheduled my induction and went into labor on my own that next day. Baby was here 4 hrs later. Second time I was dilated at 3 at my 39 week apps and didn't have him for another 5 days.



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