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Christmas eve eve (Manic monday!)

What are you up to? How was your weekend?

Hi! I'm waiting around for H to get home so we can leave for our journey Philly (16 hours). I went to a TK gtg yesterday in Downtown Disney. I was nervous but it was really fun. Marshall (dog) is hanging out, but he's antsy so I think he knows something is up. He was jumping all over me about a half hour ago and now he's half asleep on the couch lol

He looks like he is hugging his fox:

Re: Christmas eve eve (Manic monday!)

  • aww!  Have a safe trip!

    I'm having a rough day.  Screw in my tire.  Luckily my dad was able to take it somewhere.  Unfortunately they couldn't patch it, and I had to buy a whole new tire.  Of course, since I just bought my car, I found out I have awesome tires.. so one new tire was $215.  Merry Christmas to me!

    I'm not feeling very Christmas-y this year.  Maybe its the loss, maybe it's that I haven't gotten pregnant since the loss.  Who knows.  I'm just sad.

    And, I'm feeling like our second IUI was a fail.  Negative test today.  I know I'm not out yet, but I went out and bought tampons at lunch.. so that's how hopeful I am. 

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  • Aw that sucks ky! It's a new year soon! I'm sure 2014 will be brighter!

    I came home today with a migraine. I'm starting to track them at 5 weeks apart, almost exactly, but that makes me think they're not hormonal. So frustrating to not know why or how they come on!

    I have to work for a part day tomorrow, then having MIL and BIL over for dinner and presents. Christmas Day morning is for DH and I, then dinner with my mom and sister and SIL. Friday the 27th is our dinner with FIL and Co. So it's going to be a busy week! But I had a fairly relaxing weekend, so I'm rested and ready!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  • This weekend was good. Put up our tree and decorated. Our place is so festive. :) Saturday for dinner we went out with my grandma. Sunday I worked and it sucked. Worked today and it was really good. Then spent dinner with friends that moved to North Carolina about 4 years ago. Got to see their two little girls. It was really nice.

    I work tomorrow and I already know it's going to be crazy. Babies!! So many.... Then go to church and open gifts at my Aunts house.
  • Weekend was busy busy busy!  On Friday, I went out to dinner with H's parents and sister (H had to work).  Then I rushed over to the mall and worked 7pm-midnight.  Ugh!  When I got off, I still had to bake cookies to take to my mom's for Christmas with my aunt and uncle...I didn't get to bed until 2:30!  Saturday, I had to get up and rush to the store to get an ingredient that I was missing for something I had to make for my mom's..then it was off to Christmas with her side of the family.  Came home and wrapped some more gifts, then off to work from 7pm-midnight again.  Stupid extended mall hours!

    Sunday, I had to work 10a-4p.  Then I went to the Pacers game because they were playing Boston Celtics - I went only because of the coach of the Celtics (former Butler coach).  After the game, I stopped by a friend's to give him his gift, and then came home and went to bed!  Yesterday, I had to work until 3:45pm, then I ran to Wal-mart for some stocking stuffers to put in H's stocking.  Then I had to work at the mall from 6pm-midnight (once again!).  This morning, I got to work at 6:45am, and hoping to leave at 10:30am.  Then run a few more errands, wrap some last minute gifts, then going to MIL and FIL for Christmas with H's immediate family.  THEN 11:00pm Candlelight service tonight.

    Needless to say, I'm EXHAUSTED!  I have my starbucks this morning to keep me going.



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  • The weekend went ok. My ils made things interesting while they were here. Yesterday my boss let me leave early which was nice but I'm stuck closing today so that kinda stinks. I'll most likely be at work alone most of the day but that's OK.
    Hope everyone has a great Christmas and safe travels this week!
  • Working from home today, which is better than going to the office. Yes, I'm actually working -- boo!

    H's family comes over tonight for a delicious dinner and hopefully no fights. We saw his mom the other day and she is refusing to bring over anyone's gifts but ours, which makes things pretty awkward. The woman ... is weird. She and H's dad got divorced 6 years ago but she still insists on going over to that house on Christmas morning so H's sisters (who don't live there anymore because they're 20 and 22) can open gifts. So, everybody comes over here and H and I open gifts from them, and them from us. But we don't get to see anything that they got each other because of H's mom being stubborn about Christmas morning. It is so frustrating.

    Anyway! I have to work Thursday and Friday and then we go to my parents' house for the weekend.
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