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deleting... sorry

Re: deleted-sorry!!

  • I don't think you are the problem here - except for a few small things like blurring the boundaries to begin with.

    Your husband is coming across as quite controlling. Your sister has come off like a mooch. You should have separated from her before things got this bad.

    I would be honest yet firm with your husband that you understand that he is hurt and that is fine, you will always have his back but he needs to understand that this is your sister and your family - this is not a hill worth dying on. You are putting this behind you, he needs to do the same and we've all learned a lot about living and working with family - put it behind us and let's move on. There are too many wonderful things about my family and how they feel about us to let this ruin that relationship.

    Then you tell your sister something similar - that you get that the two of them are fighting and it cuts you to the core. The two of them got along so well and you are sure that they will get along well again - this is not a hill worth dying on. Let's just move on, in the big scope of things is this really a huge deal?

    Then you go back to being civil. No more forced apologies, no more expectations of apologies or admittance of wrongdoing. Just let it die and move on - the two of them both handled things very badly but they are both human, these things happen. People make mistakes and pride keeps us from apologising or admitting we were wrong which often just makes things snowball - as they have here. 

    I'm hoping that once you've told them both that you love them, this isn't the hugest thing ever, nobody was in the wrong and you all just need to move on for the sake of the wonderful things about each other that they'll eventually come around. 

    Get her a Christmas present (tell him that you understand that he is still hurt and that's fair, but begin spiteful is not going to fix things), enjoy Christmas with your family and your husband and let him know how much it means to you that he's put this behind him.

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