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cleaning blinds..

How often do you ladies clean your blinds in your house?  This is one thing I hate doing, as any sort of dusting..  Lol, So I am really bad at this.  So when I do, it is pretty bad.  So how often do you do it?  And any short cuts? haha

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Re: cleaning blinds..

  • I have shutters, but I have to clean them every now and then when the dust storms sneak thru my windows. I take a cloth that is microfiber and clean each blind induvidually. I will sometimes get one rag wet, rub the dirt/dust off, then I will take a dry one right afterwards and clean the left over water off. It is a long process, unfortunately.

    Im sure cleaning shutters is the same as blinds, every one individually. Hope this helps, sorry there's no magical way. :) 

  • @firechica8 it is the same.  Not a fun long process.  Lol, darn, I was hoping there was an easier lazy way...  haha  This is one thing I hate doing, along with every kind of dusting possible.. 

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  • I do vinegar and water on one rag and a rinse rag. After that, I try to vacuum them with my dusting attachment regularly to keep them from getting nasty. I still have to wash them annually, but the vacuuming helps to cut it down to annually. I tried one of these blind cleaning things that you insert into a few slats at a time, ended up being a huge mess and waste of time. Wish there was an easier way :(
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