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First Strip Tease

I'm planning on doing a strip tease for the hubby when he gets home from work today. It's my first time doing it, so I'm a little nervous! I've been practicing and it's fun, so hopefully I can pull it off! No pun intended...hahaha

Any tips or advice on how to overcome my self consciousness? :-/

Re: First Strip Tease

  • There were several times I planned to do a strip tease but always chickened out. He always thought it was cute how nervous I was. It wasn't until our honeymoon that I finally was able to, with a lot of encouragement from my hubby.

    How did yours go?
  • You could keep it simple.

    Go to you tube and do a search for the musical Gypsy -- and then look for the sequence where Gypsy Rose Lee did her first striptease.

    You could keep it simple as that --- take about 2 minutes or less.:)
  •  It went really well! I was nervous, but I made myself do it, and I got the 'response' that I hoped for! :-)

    The song that I played while doing it, was about 4 minutes, so I did it for that long. Although I was nervous, it was fun! But man, it's a workout! lol

  • That's great! What song did you use?
  • I used Sexy Sadie from Belly Dance. :-)
  •   I've done lots of posing etc but never got the dance thing going. Although I suppose showering, lathering and shaving in the shower sort of counts? Certainly had my man's undivided attention. Felt pretty good too knowing I could so easily "rev his engine". 
  • Hehehehe that's for sure!
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