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What's cooking?

What's happening in your kitchens ladies?

Sunday: the kid and I had Trader Joe's fettuccine alfredo with peas.  H had some other TJs deliciousness.

Monday: Potato Leek soup in the crock pot.  I have a feeling I will end up eating something else haha.  A bbq chicken Panini.

Tuesday: Breaded chicken cutlets, roasted asparagus and TJ's boxed mashed potatoes. I'm not one for instant, but we tried a sample in store and it was delicious.

Wednesday: Our anniversary.  We will celebrate in style with pizza.

Thursday: crockpot basil pesto chicken/turkey sausage and peppers

Friday: H has poker so I think some sort of leftovers for the kid and I

Last weekend we made a trip to a couple of apple orchards and I had to let H go pick apples while I stayed in the car with a napping kid.  He came back with, no joke, 32 lbs of apples.  I've been making applesauce left and right, which my kid inhales.  I also made a Jewish apple cake this past Saturday for company.  I love apples lol

Re: What's cooking?

  • ooooh, Jess, do you have a recipe for the potato soup?

    Tonight we're having sloppy joes as per DH's request for his birthday.  I'm making some mac and cheese and green beans to go with

    Tues - rigatoni with sausage and pumpkin

    Weds - salmon, sweet potatoes, roasted squash

    Thurs - leftovers

    Fri - out to dinner for DH's birthday
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  • My week so far is all recipes from skinny taste:

    Sunday: Chili

    Tonight: Buffalo turkey burgers with roasted brussel sprouts

    Tomorrow: butternut squash lasagna roll things

    Wed: out because we are getting family pics taken. 

    Thurs: potato soup of some sort - I have a bag of red potatoes to use up and don't know what else to do with them.

    DD: 6-24-11

    EDD: 9-20-14

  • Tracy here's the link. I threw in a green bell pepper because I have a bunch to get rid of haha

  • Sunday: Turkey chili
    Monday: Pulled pork in the crockpot with salad an veggie pancakes (I really need to use my crock pot more. So easy!)
    Tuesday: Chicken and veggie stir fry
    Wednesday: Pasta with homemade sauce and maybe meatballs if I get around to it.
    Thursday: Falafels, salad and roasted potatoes
    Friday: ? 
    Saturday: Order out or go out. My sister will be here with her one year old, dining out may not be that enjoyable with a one year old and two month old....
    Sunday: Henry's baptism! We will be going out with family to celebrate!
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  • Thanks, Jess!  This reminded me that I made a loaded baked potato soup in the crockpot earlier this year.  I will have to try this one and compare!
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  • I've been sick all week, so I have been relying on leftovers and hot dogs to feed my family.  This is what I have for the next two weeks:

    Tonight-Apples and pork chops with mashed potatoes
    Friday- Pizza?  I don't know.
    Saturday- Beef and potato soup in the crock

    Monday-Turkey and sweet potato chili
    Tuesday -French Chicken in the crock with rice pilaf
    Wednesday- pasta
    Thursday- Stuffed Pepper Casserole
    Friday-  I'm on nights, so JEGs and the bubs are on their own
    Saturday- baby showers and wedding reception
    Sunday- Chicken Pot Pie

    Monday-Honey Mustard chicken with roasted sweet potatoes
    Tuesday- Balsamic Penne with roasted broccoli
    Wednesday- Chicken Stirfry
    Thursday- Soup and Sandwiches
    Friday- Tacos
    Saturday-  Friendsgiving.  I should probably figure out what I'm bringing.  
    Sunday-  I'm meeting girlfriends out for dinner.  I'm sure there will be something leftover for the menfolk to eat.  
    Mrs. JEGs
    est 7.17.10 
    Hunter Fillmore
    October 1, 2011 

  • UGH I am seriously doing so poorly with this meal stuff.  Last week, between my boss ordering out and sharing with me and just running around, I ate out more than in.  My waist line is super not cute at the moment for it, and I feel icky.

    Last night we used a coupon and went out to eat- decided to do that since DH is so rarely home for dinner at a 'normal' time.

    Tonight I want to do tilapia and baked potatoes and a veggie- but we got a request for a house showing for tomorrow, so now I'm wondering if it's a good idea to make the house smell like fish...

    I got nothing else planned the rest of the week.  I have to do some food shopping too- we're out of chicken, which is the one thing DH can have that's meaty.
    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • Sunday: I made a pot roast for the first time; I think I cooked it a little too long, but it turned out OK. 

    Monday: ground beef and sweet potato hash.

    Tuesday: Curried butternut squash and kale soup.  Oh, it was incredible! 

    Weds: I'm attempting to make short ribs in the crockpot with this recipe.

    Thu: dinner meeting

    Fri: grab something on our way to a show in Sellersville. 
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