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NBR: Crafty people - Picture wall?

Does anyone have a picture wall? How much of a pain in the ass was it to create it? I have a big empty wall in my place and I keep seeing picture walls on Pinterest that I like, but they look impossible to recreate.
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Re: NBR: Crafty people - Picture wall?

  • We did one. I'll be honest, it was a PITA, but well worth it. I cut out paper and taped them into the size frames I wanted so I could work the layout on the floor and then tape them to the wall to see how it would look. I did some adjusting from there and then bought the frames.

    I think there are some photos on my IG, but if not, I can email ya one.
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  • I have a small one.

    It was relatively easy, I picked out the frames I wanted and arranged them on the floor until I found an arrangement I liked.  I cut newspaper rectangles in the size of the frames and used them to make the nail holes in the wall instead of working with the frames.

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  • I have a mini one on a wall in our new place. We found this awesome big wire letter of our last name and put that in the middle, then arranged about 7 or 8 frames of various sizes around it. We stuck to black, white, and silver frames. I haven't gotten pictures for the frames yet, so it's currently hanging up w/ pictures of generic families on the wall. But it looks good! The big letter in the middle looks pretty awesome.
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  • I'd love to set one up, I just wish I had more/better pictures to hang. 
    I've been keeping this pinned in case I ever get to it 
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  • No but I want one and will borrowing Nova's pin haha.
  • RiverPlateRiverPlate member
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    We have one.  It's huge.  It started with the Martha Stewart idea ( and just kind of exploded.  It's on the way up the stairs, which is kind of a pita because people want to touch the frames when they walk up or down, and a couple have fallen because of this.
  • I started one on our back staircase.  As you can see I haven't gotten too far.  I plan to put all my old black and white family photographs up there.  I have pictures dating back to my great-great-great grandparents that I want to hang up there.
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  • I've done one at my house, one at my mom's house, and one at my sister's house.  At my house, I had no plan and just started hanging and it turned out well.  We spend more time on the one at my mom's and sister's and actually planned those out before we started hanging.  Neither way was a huge pain though.
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  • Thanks, everyone!  This is great information! 

    @jen748 I found your picture wall on IG.  Very cute!

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    It's slippery as waterweed.
  • look on pinterest for ways to cheat. You can cut out pieces of paper the size of your frame and mark a hole where the nail will go in the frame, hold all those up to measure on the wall and mark the wall where the nail will go, then hang.
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  • You can also use a leveler and chalk to set some lines you want to work off of and then go from there. Have a fun time.
  • I have 2, 1 on stairs and one on a blank wall. They probably took me 20 minutes each. I don't find it to be hard, but I don't have them all at the sam level and they are all different types of frames. I usually lay them out on the ground how I want them, and then move them to the wall. I don't even measure anything and eyeball it. They look great! Look on Pinterest for layout ideas.
  • Mine is only 4 frames, but we cheated and hung them with command picture hangers, which made it hella easy.  That stuff is like velcro for pictures.  I'd like to get a few more frames to open it up.  I have no pictures of it, but it's two 8x10s and two 5x7s, arranged in a sort-of square.
  • I have 2 minis. And they were relatively easy. I laid everything out on the floor first to space them.

    I also stole some great layouts from Pinterest for next time I want to mix things up.

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