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I need a pedicure.

Things are going well in NC. 

We have been looking for a place to move into. As we have been living with my father. 

I started waitressing at a local chain steakhouse. My feet hurt. I need a pedicure. But I am dropping weight which is super awesome. 

Also my Little half sister might be moving here. She was living with her mother and stepfather in Nebraska. And I have only seen her twice as her mother kept he from us. But it turns out that her stepfather has been abusing her and is now in sgtate custody. Dad is trying to get her here but has to jump throught hoops because he is in another state and was not involved due to her mother not allowing it. 

So yeah. 

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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Re: I need a pedicure.

  • Hi, Mono! 
    Good luck with the house hunting! Are you guys going to buy a place, or rent one? 
    Also, that's crazy about your half sister! Hope everything works out alright. 
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  • Good morning!

    I have the day off today yippee!
    DD born 1.25.15

  • Morning! I am sick. I made a doctors appointment this afternoon. She better give me medicane as I don't wanna be sick this weekend. We are going to see my sister, waaaaahhh!

    Aggie: Enjoy your day off!

    JLQ: Good Luck on that test!

    Mono: Good Luck with the house hunting.

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