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Breaking Bad (SPOILERS)

@MrsJenE - Did you mean Jesse was the one you expected to die?  I'm so glad that he got the ending that he did.  I feel like he probably had as much blood on his hands as anyone else, but it was different with him.  Walt was a bad, bad man.  But I don't think Jesse was really a bad person deep down.  It always seemed like he was really tortured by the whole thing, especially whenever people died.

DH thought it was going to be Shakespearean and everyone was going to die at the end, but I was always holding out hope that Jesse would be okay.  I expected that Walt would die, and I really hoped that Todd would die, and in a way that he would really suffer. 

I liked how Walt found a way to leave the money to his kids, though I am really curious where the rest of the money is and what's going to happen with it.  I LOVED that the "guns" pointed at the former business partners were those two fools with laser pointers!  It was interesting how throughout 5 seasons, there was an on-going theme of Jesse and Skylar asking him when it would be enough, when he would have enough money, when he would stop - and in the end, he only wound up leaving $10 mil.  He could've stopped so long ago and not ruined or ended all of those lives and left that much.  It was nice that Walt admitted that he really enjoyed being Heisenberg at the end and didn't keep up the charade of it all being for his family.  It hadn't been about his family since season 1.

I thought the ending was perfect.  Everything was tied up nice nice.  I'm definitely sad that it's all over, though.  I've heard rumors that Saul is going to have a spinoff show.  Not sure how I feel about that.  He was a great character, but I'm not sure I want to watch a show centered just around him.

Re: Breaking Bad (SPOILERS)

  • I think what I loved most about the finale is that everything I wanted to happen did but I was never at any point sure of how it was going to play out.

    I was literally biting my fingers when Walt kept inching for that keychain. Could. Not. Handle.

    I'm glad that Jesse lived, but he's anything but ok. I hope he goes to check on Brock and then just keeps driving until he feels clean again and starts over somewhere new (maybe as a woodworker).

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  • That's right!  Did Jesse's talents as a woodworker ever come out in the show before last night?  ITA that he's definitely not OK, I guess I just meant that I'm glad that he lived. 
  • They did come out at one point. I forget when exactly but I think Walt asked Jesse sometime what he would do if he quit the meth business and Jesse said he'd liked shop class in high school and was really proud of a box he made in class and that he might like to do something like that.

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    Sarah (mrs.vedo)'s book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf) 

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  • I thought the finale was absolutely PERFECT. Thank you Vince Gilligan for not leaving us in an un-answered limbo.

    I am so happy that Jesse lived. I was telling my H last week that it's interesting to see how my feelings toward Walt and Jesse morphed over the past 2 months (we were late viewers and finished just in time to see the last 2 episodes). 

    I felt bad for Walt and understood what he was trying to do in Season 1 for his family. Jesse was just the miscreant who gave him an opening but as the series progressed I really came to hate Walt and love Jesse. Jesse really was a GOOD person and just trying to survive and need Walt as a sort of father figure -someone to look up to and Walt took advantage of that. Walt thrived in that environment though and it was easy to see that he was always that man, he just needed the perfect situation to let it out.

    I seriously believe that he went to Todd's uncle's place to kill everyone, including Jesse. He couldn't be bested by his apprentice but he had an instant change of heart when he saw him. 

    I'm also glad he finally told someone where Hank and Gomez were and I totally called that Skinny and Badger were the ones with just laser pointers. 

    The ending with Walt and Jesse was also perfect. Walt trying to get Jesse to kill him and Jesse finally not doing to what Walt wanted him to do. Loved it. 
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