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Returning Produce

Have you ever? I never have, but I will today. I bought a red pepper yesterday, just cut it open and it's all sorts of moldy inside- gross. I need one for dinner tonight so I'm taking that sucker back and demanding another one.

Re: Returning Produce

  • I never have, but have wanted to before!
  • I've returned a fruit bowl thing from Acme before. The bottom layer was full of mold. It wasn't even past the well date either.
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  • I never have but have wanted to or learned my lesson never to again. Usually I havent because I've been too lazy to go and do it. One time I went to Aldi and got a nice watermelon. I went to cut it the next day on my counter and as soon as I cut it about a gallon of watermelon juice spilled all over the counter, the floor and everywhere. Somehow the insides turned into mush and it was all liquid. I have never gone to Aldi again since then. That was fun to clean up. 

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  • I haven't but I should have twice. Once I bought a box of clementines from Zingos and they were all moldy on the bottoms. I couldn't save any of them. The other time I bought some lettuce from BJs and the whole bag was just disgusting. I just threw it away.
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  • I have, but it's the produce stand and we're been going there since I was really little.  We just say something wasn't too good and they will give us a free one.  Usually it's cantaloupes.
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  • Nope.  I never really thought I could.  Will they give you money back or just exchange?
  • I took the pepper in a baggie- said "I bought this yesterday, sliced into it, and it's super moldy." She told me to go get another one and then gave me a ShopRite bag on the way out so it didn't look stolen. Super easy. No receipt, no big deal.

  • Glad to know this can be done...there have been many times that I have wanted to return produce, but haven't.  Glad it was hassle free for you!
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