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Healthy lunch food

Hey everyone!

My husband takes his lunch to work everyday, and his work requires physical labor. He usually takes a sandwich, two cut up apples, and a chunk of homemade granola bar. Today I went to make the granola bar that will cover him for the next two weeks, and he told me not to because he thinks it's making him gain weight. Earlier this weekend we had a discussion about money and health, and how the two coexist, and how we want to make changes. The granola in his lunch served as an energy boost that he would snack on during the course of the day. Since apparently it hasn't been the healthiest choice for him, does anyone have any suggestions for a substitute that is healthy, and can provide him with the energy he needs to get through the day? He doesn't always get a "lunch break", so something that will tide him over would be great. 

Thanks everyone!

God Bless!

Andie (: 

Re: Healthy lunch food

  • I'm trying to think of healthy snacks... what about a hard boiled egg? Almonds? Chunks of cheese?  Veggies w/hummus?
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  • wasa crackers are great - 3 is only 70 crackers. my DH and i like to use PB2, or a laughing cow cheese topped with some fruit. 
  • Not all granola is unhealthy- it really depends on the quality of the ingredients and how much sugar, etc. there is. You could try Kashi bars- they have a good amount of protein and fiber to keep your husband energized and not too much sugar. But as for some other ideas, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, greek yogurt, fruit, veggies & hummus, avocado, canned tuna/salmon...These aren't the lowest calorie foods, but they are all healthy and will give your husband the energy-boost he's looking for. 
  • Using honey toppings would certainly make your dish healthier! honey has many natural ingredients gifted from the nature!! 
  • Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables as an overall healthy diet may reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases and reduce risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • I take more fruits and vegetables based foods in my lunch. 
    I mostly take fried vegetables, vegetables salad, bread and one fruit etc. in my daily lunch because I am very conscious about my weight and this diet plan is very good for me to control my weight. 
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