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What are you doing now?

Tomorrow is 2 months for me and DH and Friday is 2 years for me at my job!  Hooray!  Just wondering what everyone is doing with their time now that the wedding is over. 

DH and I have spent a lot of time doing house stuff, especially outdoors, including lawn, pool, hot tub, workshop, etc.  I've been obsessing over my two tomato plants, which were the only things the bunnies didn't eat!  I also didn't get a lot of things into the ground in time this year, but next year, I'm already looking forward to having a massive garden!  My tomatoes were late going in, so I don't have any ripe ones yet, but there are SO MANY!!  FMIL and I want to try our hand at canning salsa and spaghetti sauce as an experiment this year.  DH and I are planning all of our home improvement projects for this fall, including new kitchen floors, painting the hallway (only thing left that's still orange!) and the bathroom (which is maroon with pink sponge paint right now)

I've also gotten back into knitting, which I didn't have time for at all in about the last 9 months of planning.  My bridesmaid's baby is due in November and I have a blanket I started before her first was born but never finished, and he's already going to be 2 in December!  I decided to finish the blanket for this baby.  I also need to get some hats, booties, and mittens going for this little munchkin (don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet!) and maybe a sweater for big brother.

How about everyone else?  What's taking up the time that used to be taken up by the wedding!

Re: What are you doing now?

  • I'm really trying to get back into the crafting mode. We just moved into a new apartment so I want to decorate super cutely, but I just have to find the motivation lol I did a lot of baking before the craziness of the wedding, so I want to get back to that too. Other than that, I've signed up to run two half marathons and a 10k in early 2014, so I'm starting to train for them  :D
  • I have ran/walked my first 5K and would LOVE to do more of them in the spring. It is already too cold here in northern ME for me!

    I was unemployed at the time of the wedding and now have two part time jobs. I work 30 hours a week for the Student Center and I work 30 hours a week as a nanny. I also work three 16 hour days a week starting Monday and I am going to be exhausted a lot!

    I bake a lot more now but I plan to spend a lot of time relaxing and reading between shifts and Thursdays since I have the day off while I adjust to such a stressful schedule.


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  • We are moving in a week, so we are currently packing everything up.
    Right now we are both taking online classes and working.
    I plan to set up my sewing machine after the move and get into the sewing groove. I also have a few knit/crochet projects I'd like to finish before my new nephew gets too big!
    We are slowly working on getting back into the gym as often as we were going before.
    We have a comicon coming up, and a beach trip in October. That's all we really have going on right now.

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  • Belle0720Belle0720 member
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    It's amazing how much time I thought about the wedding, looked at wedding stuff online, and worked on wedding projects in the year and a half that we were engaged. I really do miss it and chatting on TK with you ladies about all of the details! But I've mentioned before that I'm starting to do some wedding coordination as a side job and I have my second wedding this Saturday. Hopefully I'll be doing more weddings this next year. One of my bridesmaids is also getting married in April and I've been brainstorming ideas with her and putting her in contact with vendors which has been fun too.

    Aside from that, H and I are dying to start house projects, unfortunately we still don't know for sure if we have our house yet! They have until the end of this month to get their tax liens removed or we're back at square one in our house hunt. It really is a great house and I'll be extremely bummed out if we don't get it, especially considering how much the market has gone up in the past few months since our offer was first accepted--we likely wouldn't be able to get a house in as desirable of an area or as spacious as this one and it'd probably have to be more of a fixer upper. :-( Fingers crossed. We already know how we want to decorate most of the rooms and have ideas for remodel projects which I'd love to get started on! 


    I'll add that I want to start cooking and baking more. Since getting back from our honeymoon we've recreated some of the dishes we ate in Costa Rica and I baked pie and muffins yesterday. Once we get our own place we'll finally open all of our new kitchen goodies and I'm definitely going to try out lots of new recipes!

    Hand in hand with that, we also want to be more active. We go for bike rides and walks a few times a week and I like going to U-Jam and Zumba at the gym. But we want to start going on hikes and challenging ourselves more.

  • Good luck with your house, Belle!  I totally know what it's like to go back to square one.  We closed on our house in January, but in the beginning of November, we had a different house that our offer was accepted on, but things came up in the inspection and we decided to walk away because of it.  Fortunately, we love the house we bought more than that one, but it was sooo hard to walk away when we were so excited.  I hope it all goes well for you!
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