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spider veins after pregnancy

I got a lot of spider veins on my legs and breasts while I was pregnant, which my doctor said were hormone related - she said they would fade but won't go away without treatment... well, my daughter is now three and they haven't faded at all.  I really, really hate them and hate that bathing suit season is coming around again (we live in South America)... is there anything homeopathic I can do, some old remedy that I haven't heard of, some secret vitamin or lotion?  I'm not quite ready to resort to lasers, injections, etc. and wouldn't even know how/where to do that anyway since we're currently living so far from home.  Thanks!

Re: spider veins after pregnancy

  • Hi!

    I'm an RN and I used to work for a varicose vein clinic. I'm not really aware of any home remedies or over the counter things that could be used to reduce or eliminate spider veins. More often than not, the spider veins are caused by insufficient veins on the inside. It's a common misconception that you only have vein problems if you have the big, "ropey" ones (but in fact the bad internal veins are the culprit). At the clinic we started with a leg ultrasound on both sides to see which veins were bad and then used the laser internally where necessary. There's no point to injecting or lasering the small spider veins on the surface if you don't treat the source and in fact, it could make the spider ones worse.

    I don't know anything about South American doctors or clinics, but when you're ready to check into this, you'd want to look into reputable doctors that perform procedures called Endovenous Laser Ablation. Years ago, doctors did vein "stripping"...this is much less common nowadays and comes with many risks. Same with something called Radiofrequency - more side effects and less success rate.

    If you have bad veins internally that need treatment, the endovenous laser is relatively easy with little downtime. Our patients had small "incisions" (no stitches required, just steri-strips) and were able to walk same day (short distances, just in case to prevent bleeding). By the next day, most had a little soreness like a pulled muscle, but were up and moving around.

    Good luck!
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