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Any (android) apps available to make the tablet work only certain days/times?

We have 3 Nabi's for our kids.  I have an app that allows me to set a timer so the tablet shuts off at a certain time or after a certain amount of time.  I'm looking for something that has day/time controls in the settings (it's diabled daily from 8:00pm until 7:00am, and on Wednesdays from 2:00pm-4:00pm).  Anyone know if an app like this exists?
GSx1 - 05/13/2013

Re: Any (android) apps available to make the tablet work only certain days/times?

  • There are some on android. If you have the google play store just go in there and look up sleep time or quiet time, you can check out different apps based on what you are looking for. There are a lot that are free (I only use the free apps, Im too cheap to buy one- I would rather download free ones).
  • Thanks, I'll check those out.  I was searching things like "kid mode" and I have an app that I can set for a certain amount of time or to turn it off at the same time, but I have to reset it every night.  It would be nice if it was something that reset daily (though now that school's started they only get them when there's no school the next day).
    GSx1 - 05/13/2013
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