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Moving Tips?

So I like to make lists and be organized. My husband tends to procrastinate. But we make things work. I'm currently making lists of things we need to do to sell the house and another list of things to do cleaning-wise when we move out. Does anybody have any good tips or points I can add to either list or perhaps another angle I'm not considering? Mark? My cleaning list includes washing windows, all the baseboards, ect. My home improvement list has things like touching up the paint inside, painting outside, fixing a window pane in the living room. All stuff that needs done. Stuff we've talked about off and on for the last two years but just hadn't done yet. Would it be worth it to have the carpets professionally cleaned? I have a small bissell and can spot clean once we are out. Not sure which option to go with.
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Re: Moving Tips?

  • Talk to your realtor. When MIL sold their house the realtor did a walk through and pointed out things they could do so the house would show better.
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  • I am going to be honest...we hired professional movers to move from Denver, 2 hrs away to my last apt.  Normally we have family to help us move, so we never thought about it.  But when we moved out of our apt in Denver, we had no family. J couldn't take the day off or do it all himself. I certainly couldn't do it all to myself either.  The best $500.00 I have ever spent was hiring movers.  I boxed everything up.  They got the truck/gas, loaded it, and then unloaded it at our new place. If its something you could swing, I would definitely, look into that option. 

  • That's a thought. I started boxing a few things we rarely use. We thought about renting a Pod to fill as we pack and then they come get it and haul it. But we would have to unload it. I like the sound of someone else doing that.
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  • We used movers when we moved into our house. I agree with Jen, it will be the best money you've ever spent. But definitely pack things yourself.
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  • What company did you both use?
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  • We had movers come too. They moved us from Seattle to CO. We couldn't have done it without them. Johnnie was 5 months at the time and we were living out of an extended stay waiting for our move. All of our stuff was in storage. Looking back makes me so happy to be settled!
  • I'm sold on the idea of hiring movers. I'm just trying to get Paul on the same page. He keeps saying he would need xyz so it would need to go with him in his mini and it won't all fit so he wants a unsullied but he also agrees on having movers do the big stuff. I think if they are moving the big stuff they can move all the boxes too. For example he was saying he'd need to take our flat screen. I highly doubt it would fit in his mini. I know we have time to research and decide.
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  • I will look at who I used.  I can't remember.  There were things that J requested taht he take out like his computer and guns ect.  He just loaded them into his car.  My guys were very professional and didn't break were very careful.  I want to say I used All my Sons moving but I need to go find the receipt.  Make sure you get a company that provides the truck and gas included in the price.  Most of the time they will charge by the hour for this. I think my guys had a lower rate for drive time but it was still costed us by the hour. 

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