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What's cooking?

What's up ladies?  We arrived home from our weekend down the shore to basically only what we picked up from our CSA last Thursday.  I'm hitting Giant after work.

Monday: Chinese for DH and I, zucchini pizza for the kid.

Tuesday: grilled chicken (hot dog for the kid), mashed potatoes, probably corn on the cob

Wednesday: crock pot sausage and peppers

Thursday: I'm thinking veggie lasagna with lots of eggplant since we have tons.

Friday: leftovers

I'm also going to try my hand a baba ganoush.  The crockpot 365 has a simple enough recipe.  I may try it tonight actually.  I think that'd be good for lunches with veggies and crackers.

Re: What's cooking?

  • Monday: I had planed to make quesadillas, but instead, met my FIL for the first time and he took us to dinner

    Tuesday: Quesadillas and corn on the cob

    Wednesday: to the 'rents

    Thursday and the rest of the week???

  • Six weeks later, and although the kitchen isn't complete, it is fully functioning.  Who needs a floor, anyway? 
    • Sunday - Giada's salmon & fresh tomato/shallot foil packets (sublime!) with quinoa
    • Monday - Chickie & Pete's because old habits die hard
    • Tuesday - Quinoa Chicken Chili
    • Wednesday - I think I'm going to repeat Sunday's dinner because it was that good
    • Thursday - Leftover Quinoa Chicken Chili
    • Friday - Italian Sausage with brocolli rabe & white beans
    • Saturday - Bracciole & pasta


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  • Monday- JEGs wasn't home so the monster and I did grilled cheese
    Tuesday- eggplant paninis
    Wednesday- Avocado and bruchetta chicken
    Thursday- marinated flank steak with pesto potatoes
    Friday- balsamic penne with roasted broccoli 
    Saturday- we are doing a day trip in Margate so probably grabbing something quick
    Sunday- pool party at a friends house
    Mrs. JEGs
    est 7.17.10 
    Hunter Fillmore
    October 1, 2011 

  • Sunday - grilled chicken, potatoes, and veggies
    Monday - marinated salmon, quinoa and brown rice, roasted broccoli
    Tues - shrimp pad thai and edamame
    Weds - leftovers
    Thurs - something easy since we are going down the shore for the weekend
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  • Monday we heated up frozen chicken pot pies and a can of soup.
    Tuesday was burgers on the grill, Caesar salad, and fries.
    Tonight is Chicken Enchilada Bake- it's in the crock pot as I type.  Can't wait for DH to get home to eat.
    Tomorrow I am out for a work dinner, and DH and DD will probably have leftovers.
    Friday will probably be burgers again so we can use up the rest of the pack of buns.

    Not sure about the weekend plans set in stone, but  a bunch of stuff up in the air.
    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • Oh- and Nov- what happened?  Did he just show up?  Or was it planned?  
    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • Mon: Caprese salad and grilled eggplant
    Tues: leftover caprese; watermelon, feta and basil salad
    Weds: Paleo meatloaf -- OMG it was so good.
    Thu: out to dinner with my mom; the mr can fend for himself
    Fri: probably bockwurst with cabbage and apples
    Sat: late lunch/early dinner out

    And yeah, I'm curious met your FIL for the first time? 
  • Yes, I really just met him for the first time.

    After leaving Philly, he settled in Florida, remarried and another kid.  His wife was BSC.  About two years before dh and I married, he came to Philadelphia to see his mother (because of BSC wife he wasn't in contact with her).  He didn't have any contact with anyone for that matter, so while he was here he met up with dh, they went to dinner, but I was unable to go.  He went back to Florida, stayed in contact with dh, for like a year or so, then dh called one day and the BSC wife said this is too much for your father, stop calling here.  So BSC wife has since died, and now there is no one controlling his life.

  • Wow.  Quite a story.  Glad you got to meet him though...I hope it went well!
    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
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