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"are your pregnant yet?"

So first off i love, love, love my soon-to-be-in-laws, but every time i talk to my father-in-law (STBFIL) without fail he will find a way to throw "are you pregnant yet?" into the conversation. like no, were not even married yet. he really wants a grandchild, and sense my honey is the youngest out of his brothers and the only one even close to stepping into married life he thinks of me as his last chance for a grandchild. we live in California and he lives in Arizona, so he doesnt even live here, to be fair he is trying to move back here, but still like if i was pregnant he wouldnt even be here to fully enjoy his grandchild. and my mother-in-law (STBMIL) is so excited to have a daughter (me), that everyone new that i meet she introduces me as her soon to be daughter in law, and then everyone always asks something like "oh does he know" like we just went off and planned a wedding and didnt tell him! no people he proposed to me get over it. and she just bought a new truck and when she did the sales guy asked if she was going to be having a lot of passengers, to figure out weather or not she wanted a 4 door or 2, and her answer was, while looking me dead in the eye, "well hopefully someday soon ill have a grandchild to take places". like people someday you will have a grandchild, i promise, but for real im not even 20 yet, let me have a few years with your wonderful son all to myself and then ill give you a grandchild, let me at the very least be like 22, like the very, very least people.

Re: "are your pregnant yet?"

  • Wow! Not even married yet, and not even 20 yet and they are already that over eager? Yeah that's certainly over the top. I agree with you, it's nice to take a few years just enjoying the marriage. You have many many years ahead of you to try for a baby later when the time is right.
  • that would drive me absolutely insane to the point that it would earn them a very nasty response.  You are young and have PLENTY of time to think about a family.  Jeez, you'd think they would let you enjoy your wedding first!!!
  • That's really annoying. But I don't understand why a person cannot "fully enjoy" his or her grandchild, just because they don't live in the same state?
    Married 2011.
    Baby Boy 2015.
  • edited August 2013
    @KonaCoffeeBean i just meant he wouldn't be around as much to see his grandchild, so why push to get one now? why not wait until your move back to California is official, so you could spoil them too much.
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