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"why wait? you'd make a great mom!"

So ive always been the person who would baby sit our neighbors kids, and babies. even at a very young age, ive had countless baby sitting/nanny jobs in the past. i love kids. Im always the person in the store to wave to the baby staring at me, and talk to the little kids in line, and the parents always ask without fail "do you baby sit?" or "wow you're so great with kids, mine are normally very shy" they always give me their phone number in case im ever interested in a new nanny gig. My sister not so recently had a baby, my nephew is actually 1 1/2 now. hes very cute. anytime we get together i play with him and do other auntie duties, but people always seem concerned about me not having my own baby. they always say things like "you're so great with kids, why dont you have one?", "why are you waiting you would make a great mom" ect. i dont know how to tell people that just because im waiting doesnt mean i dont eventually want a baby it just means i want a life right now, and im content play with my nephew and cousins. lots of people make great parents, and they were just fine waiting for a few years.

anyone else get this?

Re: "why wait? you'd make a great mom!"

  • I get this, but I am more than 10 yrs older than you lol. We just don't want kids, ever. But my husband and I both love them, and are really good with babies and little ones so people always act surprised we don't want our own. Maybe the reason we are so great with other peoples' kids is because we aren't exhausted raising our own?? lol
  • I've started to say things like, "well, you know, not everyone who wants children can have them, or have them right away." In my case we were childfree by choice and later childfree by biology, but it's really not any of their business and is a private matter. Hopefully by hinting they will realize they are being obnoxious and drop it.
  • like @rainzzzy, ive got about 10 years on you and im always asked this question. My husband and I just have no desire for our own children. Im very much looking forward to having nieces and nephews but thats all.
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