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When I was about 17-18yrs old I had x-rays done and was told I have mild scoliosis (18 degree C curve in my lower back) It's caused my pelvis to be slightly tilted forward, my left rib pokes out slightly, my right shoulder is barely noticeably higher than my left, and same with my hips. My doctor at that time recommended physio therapy and said that gaining weight will make my back more sore, but other than that no other suggestions. I'm 25 now, and it hasn't overly bothered me in the last few years - only when standing for long periods of time. The last 2-3 months however, my lower back has been hurting really really badly. My job requires me to be bending and lifting really heavy stuff, and basically standing/walking all day long. I'm guessing it's because I've been off school for the summer and working a lot that it has become worse. I'm hoping when I start school again this fall, and I'm at work less, that the pain will maybe decrease. 

I'm just wondering if anyone here deals with scoliosis and/or knows if it can get worse over time? I've never had follow up x-rays or anything like that. For a couple of days last week my ribs were really sore too. Is it possible my spine/ribs could be shifting more??

Re: Scoliosis

  • I have mild scoliosis as well. AFAIK, it has only affected my spine, my docs have never said otherwise. I have noticed in the last year or so, my back pain has increased. I've always had back pain if I stood/bent/lifted a lot, but now it has been occurring constantly. I can't confirm that the scoliosis has worsened but the pain definitely has. I'd recommend you go to a doctor to have it checked out and maybe even get a referral for physical therapy if you have insurance that'll cover it. I've done a little PT and it has helped.
  • I also have mild scoliosis in my lower back. I never had pain associated with it, but I think it affected my posture which has caused a lot of neck and shoulder pain over the years.  To my knowledge, it doesn't get more severe as time goes on, but I'm not a doctor. I do know that a lot of things can cause lower back pain- especially heavy lifting. If you have improper form, it's very easy to strain your back while lifting. It definitely sounds like you should see a doctor regardless of whether or not it's your scoliosis that's bothering you. I'd also try a back brace for work so you can get some extra support. Hope it gets better!
  • Hey you two, thanks a lot. I'm definitely going to go to my doctor again and mention the pain to her. I just wanted to see if anyone here had any similar experiences! Thanks a lot for replying. I occasionally get massage therapy and it seems to help somewhat, but I definitely think I need to get working on strengthening my back muscles to help support my back. Thanks for your replies!
  • I didn't know I had mild scoliosis til I started working out heavily at the gym and experienced pain in my lower back that only worsened with time. I had already been experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain and didnt know why. A chiropractor really helped me a lot, as my job also requires a lot of bending and lifting. Started by getting adjustments a couple times per week, then was able to gradually go less and less. Chiropractor was a god send for me! Good luck.
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