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Job Update

Well, I phoned about the other job last night and they were very pleased to hear from me. I need to meet with the MD early next week, but it's all positive and the job is still open to me. It's ?20K more, though it means I'd have to catch a train into the city 3 days a week - BUT this would give me time to read the IN Book Club book, no?

I'm going to go for it. I really don't see myself here long term and I miss working with the technology that I know and love. I'm going to be professional about it though and make sure that I do a proper handover and that it's as easy as possible for someone else to pick up the projects I have on here. We were interviewing for another person here anyway and have 2 great candidates, so I might have to recommend that both come on board.

Thanks to everyone for he advice yesterday - you all make me feel a little less alone here in the UK and I'm really grateful.  

Re: Job Update

  • Yay! I'm glad that worked out so well for you!?

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    2012 Reading Challenge
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  • This is so fantastic. Good for you for being proactive about your happiness! Honestly, this gives me hope because I am really not liking my job. You've inspired me to start looking to see what's out there!
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  • Oh yay!  Congratulations to you for taking the initiative to ask.  Good news!!
  • good luck! sounds like a good opportunity!
  • that is great news! Hope it all works out and the company you're working for now make it easy for you to transition. Best of luck!
  • I'm so glad you called, that's brilliant news.
  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really feel like such a brat for taking this job and wanting to chuck it so quickly. So many people have been made redundant and I was really grateful when I got it, but it's not a happy space for me.

    Anyway, nothing in writing yet, so I'm still full steam ahead on the current job until then. The worst thing would be not getting a signature on the new one and losing this one (as much as I don't like it). 

  • sounds like a good plan!

    I say don't sweat chucking it in so soon. You know for sure you're not going to be there long term so you're doing both yourself and the company a favour. In my opinion it's best to find the right person asap so they may have lost a couple of months but that's better than fully training you for a year or whatever then have you leaving. And obviously your happiness is most important!

    Hope all goes well with the other one!

  • That's great news about the opening... I'm hoping it all works out for you. Your happiness is important so don't stress about chucking it away too soon or anything. Good luck!
  • Congrats.  Sounds like you did an excellent job not burning any bridges during your job hunt and it is paying off!
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