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ques. for the curly hair ladies

I'm curious as to what styling products you use.  I have super fine, curly hair, and not a lot of it, but the syling creme I love has been discontinued so I'm looking for something new to try.

Re: ques. for the curly hair ladies

  • I have tried all sorts of products, but this works the best for me and it is not expensive. After I towel dry my hair, I will put a little bit of herbal essence conditioner (pink bottle) in my hair and leave it in.  Than I follow it with a little bit of gel (I use LA looks) and let it air dry.  I know it sounds weird, but one curly hair girl told me about this years ago and it works the best for me.  I have got thicky curly hair, so not sure if this will work for you.  I also will put a little moose when my hair is dry if I need it.  

  • i have super thick curly/wavy hair.  ditto pp, i use a tiny amount of conditioner and gel...whatever is on sale.
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  • I love the Aveda Brilliant pomade humectant.  I don't know if it would weigh down your hair (mine needs it!).  I've tried a million things and keep coming back to it.  Lots of people like the Aveda Be Curly line... but, it didn't work well on mine.

    I recently came across a website for curlies.  It has a Curl Talk board, which is super helpful.  The variety of people is great.  Some are no-poo (no shampoo = no thank you), some use conditioner to wash (again, no thank you) and many are product junkies and like all of the girly stuff (yes, please).  You can even search by curl type.

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  • i used to manage a salon and curly hair ppl loved using redken's all soft conditioner as their normal conditioner, but also as a leave in conditioner. HTH
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  • i actually do use the redken fresh curls shampoo and condition when i style my hair curly. then i also use the matrix curl life contouring milk and a little pantene scrunching gel. i think it varies from person to person though and you just have to find what works for you.

    i have thin wavy to curly hair, if that helps.

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  • recently I have used stuff by pantene. I have tried just about everything. I hate the bumble and bumble stuff. The redikin stuff is good, but I can't afford it right now. I used to love KMT's curl up line but they d/c my spray stuff. I have used treseme mouse before. I can't use gel, it needs to be either mousse or spray stuff. lotions on my hair never work either.?
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  • I have low to medium-thick hair that is super curly/spiral-y. I have dry hair and scalp, and use a lot of conditioner and leave it on for at least five minutes each time I shower. But overall, my hair is not super thick, and I can pull all my hair back into a bunch or ponytail that is less than 1"

     After showering, I leave my hair pretty sopping wet, and flip my hair upside down and scrunch JON FRIEDA'S FRIZZ-EASE "Clearly Defined Style Holding Gel". It's in a clear tube. It's great. weightless for me, and doesn't make my hair crispy, crunchy, or wet-looking. I can't stand that. I like soft curls. But I don't need strong hold in my gel. Then I use Aussie (in a purple can) hair spray HI-HOLD+HI-SHINE Maximum Hold hairspray on my still very wet (and now gel-covered hair). The hairspray just really holds the curls in place, but like I mentioned, my curls are pretty strong on their own, but they definitely need some...shall we say...guidance when it comes to maintaining order and not getting too frizzy or poofy. So, after gel and hairspray, I flip my head upside down and use my diffuser on the HIGH heat but MEDIUM air flow setting in order to avoid blowing the spirals into frizzes. My diffuser is green and I got it at Costco and it is AWESOME.

    Sheesh, that sure sounds like a science. I feel kind of wierded out that my routine is that advanced. Haha. I hope this helps.



  • I didn't know there was a website for curlies.  Fun. I'll have to check it out.
  • I have super thick, medium-course, wavy/curly hair (kind of a weird mix) and I use a bit of mousse when it's wet and let it air dry, if I'm wearing it curly.

    I straighten it now and then, too, and shock people. :-) 

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  • Here's what I do.  Put bumble bumble super thick conditioner in my hair during my everything else (leg shave etc.) and then comb out hair with a pick...rinse conditioner out and then put in products while shower is still hot and steamy.

    I use Gram Webb silkening leave-in conditioner and Ouidad (special for curly hair) humidity serum.  Then I lightly put my hair in a towel for 10 minutes...don't towel dry...the less you touch your hair when wet the better.  Finally I take my hair out of the towel and do not need to comb it because it was already combed in the shower... then use any kind of pump hair spray. and

  • I have medium (not thick/not thin) very curly hair.  I'm one of those no shampoo girls - I only use shampoo once a week.  The rest of the time I use conditioner as my shampoo.  I condition my hair first thing in the shower, comb it thru then rinse it out at the end.  Before I dry off, I give my head a good shake to get the excess water out then flip my head over and gently squeeze the water out of the ends with a towel.  I've found that if I wrap my hair in a towel it dries it too much and causes frizz.  I use a small palmful (one pump) of Sebastian Potion 9 (you can buy it in small tubes at Target) and work through to the ends with my fingers.  Then dry about 90-95% dry with a diffuser on low heat, being careful not to touch it too much.  Sometimes I get areas that won't curl as much as the rest.  For those I use a few spritzes of TreSemme Curl Activator spray and scrunch it a bit with the diffuser.  Finish with a shine spray and let dry the rest of the way without touching.
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