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Hello Lana,

 Yes we sort of have a bit of a routine.  It has been sort of shot out he window the last couple of days but for the most part I try to keep it the same, I think he is getting his top teethies in and is also going through a growth funtimes in our house.

He usually gets up at 6am so this is our day:

6am: 7oz bottle

7-730am: breakfast usually fruit of some sort 2 cubes or if I make it fresh still works out to the same

This is game on play time

830am: morning nap he is ready for one

930-1030 *depends usually naps for an hour and a half or more* then when he wakes up gets a 6-7oz bottle

More serious playtime!!!

1145: lunch: pasta and veggies or meat and veggies

Again some serious playtime

130pm: usually top him up with anywhere from 4-7 oz bottle

200pm: nap because he starts his day so early naps about an hour

3:00pm: gets up plays a bit and then we go for a walk, usually a long one depends on the weather.

4;00pm: bottle only takes about 4oz here.

445pm: dinner, gets two meat cubes and two veggie cubes

playtime hardcore with daddy!

545-600pm Bathtime routine (bath, play in tub for a bit, out brush teeth/gums, pjs, story and bottle)

615-630pm: last bottle usually between 4-6oz again

BEDTIME usually never makes it to 7pm at night! sleeps through till start of day for the most part unless teething horribly bad.

So like I said 8tbsp yummies a day

Bottle 25-31oz of formula/day!

Hope that is helpful, let me know if you need help with anything, I found an awesome book of baby foods/purees and even my fussy neice loves the foods and gobbles them up! (I got it from WalMart)

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Re: :::LANA:::

  • Wow you sound so put together, you make me jelous and feel like I gotta get my *** together.

    Are you feeding him whole pasta and finger foods? He is gumming/chewing fine? When did he start this? Haden still gags, chokes so I don't give him anything much than purees but I am still working on him because I want to get him use to different textures.

     I aslo make my own food but have been slacking since he hasn't really been eating. 

    Haden wakes up between 7am and 7:30. Some morning, he doesn't let me know he is awake and just plays in his crib until 8. I wake up and see him playing in the video monitor, its cute. 

    He usually doesn't take a bottle right away. So I try until he wants it. He eats between 4-6oz. 

    Goes down for a nap ~2 hours after waking. Between 9 and 10 depending on what time he wakes up. In the past he was only napping for a half hour but the past week he has been napping for an hour to an hour and a half.

    Pre Teething, I would feed him breakfast after his first nap. Usually 2 ice cubes.

    He goes down for another nap between noon and 2. Usually gets a bottle before this.

    See I cant even go on because we are SO unschedualed. But when I was really keeping track I would stress because I thought he wasn't eating enough etc.

    He gets dinner at 5:30 (was pre-teething). 2 ice cubes. Bath just after 6. Get ready for bed. Diaper and PJ's. Settle down with mom on the rocking chair and get a bottle. 6-8 oz. Usually falls asleep drinking his bottle with me rocking him. If hes having an off night and wont fall asleep I will just put him in his crib and he will fuss/cry but not for very long.

    He usually sleeps from 7pm to 4/5 am, up for a quick 3-4 oz bottle and back to bed pronto, up at 7am(ish).

    I am seriously so envious that you can actually write out a scheduale and have it all in your head. It makes me feel SO disorganized. Things need to change. Mind you its only super bad right now because of teething. I wish his damn tooth would pop up already. Its been sitting under the top of his gums for over 2 weeks now, and now the one next to it is starting to swell/come up.

    If you have ANY tips lets me know. I feel confused right now. LOL


  • PS. I should say I have always had trouble with him eating... I know I have posted about it in the past. I can't wait to get rid and milk and the bottle cause he hates it, is not attached to it at all. Its going to be very easy to take it away from him.

    As well. He plays, plays, plays between all of that! Crawls everywhere, pulls him self up on everything. He finally getting really good at getting down once he pulls himself up so I don't have to watch him like a Hawk anymore, but still pretty darn close which makes it hard to get anything done!

  • It is so hard Lana with them teething, I just nursed until 6 months, give him a bottle, lots of  cuddles and hugs that is really all he wanted, he would not eat as much either then and not to be discouraging but it seemed to take a long time for the teeth to finally come through, we did however every night at bathtime, rub the washcloth on his gums as well as "brush" his teeth afterwards, this helps stimulate their gums and they love the feel of it. I honestly do not have any other tips, teething sucks and think we have so many other little trials and tribulations to get through!
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  • I give Haden is tooth brush a few times a day as well.It's so cute when he brushes his teeth/gums.

    I think I can finally feel somthing breaking through his gums! He won't let me look or put my finger in his mouth with out freaking out so it's hard for me to see.

    He's getting better. He only ate ~18 oz. today and 2tbsp at breakfast (peaches and yogurt) and 2tbsp at dinner (mixed veggies and a bit of rice cereal). So atleast he ate some solids today. He may have drank another 4 oz. I can't figure out if I am missing a feeding or not. If I don't write things down my mommy brain mixed with pregnancy brain sure fails me :S

    Thanks for chatting with me about this. It just gets hard some days. I am sure everything will seem much easier with the next baby! I hope so anyways. Not that I have it hard with Haden, he pretty darn good for the most part :)

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