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Anyone have RA or another autoimmune?

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and my doctors think it is Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I am wondering if anyone else is dealing with something similar and if so what you do to keep yourself feeling good.  I know exercise is supposed to help but it's hard to get up the motivation when I'm so tired.  Plus, when I push myself too hard during a workout I end up feeling so much worse.  If you have discovered anything that keeps you healthier, I'd love to hear it.

Re: Anyone have RA or another autoimmune?

  • I have Hashi's. Before I started treatment I was so depressed and had zero energy. Honestly, making myself keep exercising is what I think saved me from being sicker than I was.

    Yoga has really helped me. I also take a multi, calcium, and omega vitamins everyday. I've heard great things about RA and water maybe you could look into that.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. I know how it feels to not feel well, feel like there's nothing you can do about, and have no one understand. Hang in there! It does get better!

  • I've got Pernicious Anemia (antibodies attack the paretial cells in my stomach, making it impossible to absorb B12 from food), and like frdmgir7, before I started treatment I was very depressed and had absolutely no energy.  Before the diagnosis, I just thought I had gotten really lazy, as I had gone from working out 5-6x/week to barely being able to walk around the grocery store without being overcome with fatigue, in the course of about a year and a half.  Just getting diagnosed and getting treated was a huge step, and even though I feel fine now (with monthly B12 injections), getting a ton of sleep, eating well, and getting a good dose of exercise several times a week is so important to feeling good and not being depressed.

    Good luck, and hopefully you can start treatment to minimize the RA symptoms soon.

  • I have 2 clients who have RA and one has it very severe and the other has that and lupus but her symptoms don't present as bad client #1.  I do strength training and Pilates with them and just try to work within their tolerable limits.  If you have access to a classically trained Pilates instructor then I would do some private sessions of 30 minutes with one. 

    Good luck...fortunately it seems like RA is something they are constantly researching and trying new drug combinations, etc.

  • I was diagnosed with SLE and I find that working out helps a TON. I might feel super tired afer, buyt my hips always thank me.


    Try to stick to light to moderate running

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