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Here is my little update from today

Aside from the fact that the baby is 'FOR SURE A SHE" and is over 8.5 lbs...there is not news. ?My DR is hopefull that the contractions I have been having for a week have done something to get this kid moving and that I will go early, he is happy with her size, position and my ability to carry her. ?So I get to wait it out. ?Which is a good thing. ?I guess. ?He was all weird about it today. ?Last week he said he wanted to discuss options, ?this week he said we just will have to wait and see when the time comes. ?

I have a couple of questions though for the mommies. ? Did you have to do your own swabbing for group B? ?Cause well that was a treat. I had to swab myself. ?Also, when did you have your first internal? ? My doctor has never done one on me and I was beginning to think that this is strange. ?


Re: Here is my little update from today

  • I am glad that she and YOU are doing well=)

    My OB swabbed me.  I didn't have to do anything except lay there spread eagle=P

    My OB doesn't do internals. She doesn't deem them necessary, unless she feels you need one.  They aren't standard in her office.



  • I had to swab myself for Strep Group B. No biggie - I just didn't like putting that thing in my butt...(gah!)

    My OB did an internal on me at 38 weeks. This is when she said "OMG! You're going to have the baby this weekend"

    And if you don't remember - I still went another week and a half LOL

    That's why some OB's don't bother with internals

    You're doing, great Sammy! That little Scarlet will be in your arms before you know it!

  • glad to hear you're doing well, Sammy. I didn't swab myself, and my doc doesn't do internals routinely.
  • I didn't do the swab.  I had internals starting at 36 weeks.  I had 0 progress until my 40 week internal.
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  • So essentially... every doctor is different...gotcha. ?I'm feeling a little more positive today about the appointment yesterday. ?I was just a little miffed because he said we were going to get some answers and then he said "The baby will work on her own schedule. ?ummm thanks a bunch. ? Now I just keep thinking about her squished little face in the ultrasound. ?She was licking her lips and rubbing her eye. ?It was cute and I think she wrapped DH around her little finger when she did that because it's all he can talk about. ?He has been carrying around the picture in his pocket since then.
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