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Moms: Little Gym, Gymboree or music class?

I'm thinking it's about time I get DD involved in some sort of class. She loves music, but she also loves to run and climb, so I'm not even sure which would be better for her at this age (15 months).

We went to a first birthday party where the entertainment was Bill from He was great -- he also plays for the Flamin' Caucasians, who we had at our wedding -- but the locations are limited. He said he used to work for before branching out on his own, and they have a lot more locations, so I'm considering them too. I'd also like to check out Gymboree and Little Gym with the free passes.

I've heard that it depends a lot on the teachers you get, so I wanted to see if any of you had any experience with the classes in our area -- particularly Delco or the Main Line.

1. Do you have any recommendations? major complaints?
2. If you do both music and gym classes, does your DC(s) prefer one over the other?
3. How old is/are your DC(s)?


Emily Suzanne 11.29.2007 | Kate Josephine 4.3.2010 | D&E 10w6d 9.5.2012 | EDD 8.17.2013

Re: Moms: Little Gym, Gymboree or music class?

  • This is probably no help to you, but we are starting in March at Society Hill Community Center.  I got a rec from another mom for Lauren and the Friday morning class.

    I am interested in the responses about Gymboree/Little Gym - I have also considered them but don't know anything about it.  GL!

    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • My SIL takes my nieces to Gymboree and they love it.

    I have also gone with her to "free time" and it is alot of fun.

  • Eagles, my SIL really likes gymboree.  The girls love it too, so much to do.  They teach you a lot there.

    I did go to a coupl of classes as well, they play music, sing songs, play with a huge parachute.  Bubbles at the end of class.  And a jim-bo stamp.

    The most unfortunate thing about Gymboree, there is only one location in philly, north philly.

    They are also very flexible if you have to miss time.  They let you make it up.

  • Thanks NOV.  I would probably just go to the one in south jerz.  then i would have an excuse to meet LD and Momma for lunch at the CH Mall
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • Oh so true!! 
  • we are in our 5th week at th little gym...we love it.  it is alot of fun and keira is into it :)  we go to the one in abington, i feel it is def worth the $$$.  she was 1 this week, but not walking, although she is having a blast turbo crawling.  def check it out.  we just started a 20 week session.
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