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Bridal Shower Help

I'm throwing a shower for my best friend and am having trouble figuring out whether or not you need to have an activity. She threw my shower, and there was no activity (game, etc), which I liked b/c that isn't my style.

What are your thoughts - game, activity, or no? Anyone have some unique and fun things that aren't cheesy that have gone over well? I went to one las year where guests wrote "well wishes" or advice on cards and then the bride read them out loud. That wasn't too bad.

Re: Bridal Shower Help

  • I personally prefer showers with games because they're NMS.  But I do like the advice cards - I've seen it where they just leave them in a basket and the bride doesn't read them aloud.
  • I just threw a shower for a good friend of mind and had a table set up in the lower level of my house with a bunch of scrapbooking stuff.  I had each guest make a mini scrapbook page and write advice on their page to go in a photo album for the shower.  Some guests really got into it and the bride told me that everyone was saying what a great idea it was.  It was really meaningful for the bride, too.
  • My friend threw a shower for me, and just had a word scramble on the table for guests to do on their own.  She didn't do any big games/activities, because that was just not my thing.

    When I threw her a shower though, she wanted games.  So I think your best bet is to ask the bride if she would prefer games or not.

    I'm always a fan of bridal bingo, because it holds my interest while the gifts are opened.  I mean it's exciting to watch the first 5-10 gifts, but after that it can be kind of boring (at least for me).

  • I hate bridal shower games, so we kept it simple.

    Pass the Apple (any item is okay): I started with whoever came to the party last. Ask them why. Then rolled a dice to see where it left. Wherever it landed, I asked more questions...mostly wedding related etc. (Where did you go on your honeymoon, what was the most embarressing moment, explain your dream wedding). Make sure to have 2 lists of questions: one for married women and one for not married. Once you gone through the list, roll the dice one more time to find the winner. I had two apples going around the circle.

    Purse game: Unless you have young girls, most people enjoy this simple game. I added random items like reusable bags, movie ticket to a love themed movie, tooth brush etc.

    Instead of bridal bingo, just have timer go over through the opening of presents. I used my cell phone, set the alarm and hit snooze each time it went off. I gave away 5 prizes during that time.

    Famous women: name tags of famous women. As the guests arrive, place the nametag on their back. The guest has to ask other guests questions regarding their person. Is she a political figure? Is she a singer etc. No one really wins, it is more of an icebreaker.

  • Games at showers are NMS.  I'll be a good sport about it, but deep down inside I'm thinking "oh crap not ANOTHER game". 

    Given my opinion, my sister (who threw my shower) put together a slide show.  That was really fun.  She really went all out and put in pictures of cousins, aunts, bms, friends - literally, everyone who was in attendance.  You could just keep it to pictures of the bride and groom.

    I think that others have had some good ideas.  Like the advice cards, but the bride reads them later or the option to or not to decorate a scrapbook page.  These options are very low risk and doesn't make any feel uncomfortable, which is the goal when hosting. 


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